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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cutie Patootie Princess

So the Princess has been staying with us for a bit more than a month now. It's been about 3 weeks since she had her dental surgery and had 12 teeth pulled. It took her a couple of weeks to heal up from that, but now she's turning into a real cat. Instead of hiding in the third bedroom, she comes out to the living room and digs through the toy basket. Then she entertains herself batting a toy around until her tail distracts her and then she chases that for a while. Her hair has gotten shiny and she looks so much healthier and happier. Right now she's attacking the yellow feather toy with focused vigor. She still spends most of her day in the third bedroom, hanging out on the bed or the sofa, happy as can be to have a soft, indoors place to sit and sleep. Whenever I walk in the room, she immediately starts purring and wants to be petted. Oh, and she's getting a cute little round belly. And even with hardly any teeth, she still eats some dry food, though she loves her daily can of food. Pixel loves that part too because he only likes the gravy, so I feed him the gravy in a saucer, and give her the little puck of food and we have two terribly happy cats.

So hey, anybody want a cat? We've got a spare, and boy is she cute!


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