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Friday, September 15, 2006

On the Job Front

None of my interviews from last week has come through with a job offer yet. One has had a hiring freeze, so that definitely won't happen. The others are just still outstanding, but not a no yet either. Just unlikely at this point.

Last weekend I came to a decision about the work stuff. I really do want to see this transition through and get things handed off gracefully. I also don't want to be starting a new job during Dickens Fair. So, if none of the things I've already interviewed for pan out, then I'm staying in my current "help desk" job until I resume searching in January. I was very honest about this with my new manager this week, and she was just grateful that I was willing to give it that long. So that makes me feel far better about the whole thing. Now if only I had some help and wasn't doing all PeopleSoft support by myself. It's the last day before the end of the pay period after the annual merit increases and I've spend all day long correcting HR records. It'll all work out soon, since Monday is the payroll cutoff, but right now it's like having two full time jobs, doing my job and Jo-Ann's job. So very swamped. So falling behind on all non-help queue related work. It will be better soon. Really it will.

But yeah, that's where things stand. Unanet went live Monday after a lot of work over the weekend. It's still being a big hunk of time to finish that roll-out with everyone's fixes and tweaks, but it's out there, and I just submitted my first weekly timesheet (with just short of 50 hours logged. Woof.).


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