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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Okay, enough already.

My bicycle seat got stolen over the weekend. Seat and post. In fact, all of the bikes parked near my building had their seats stolen over the weekend by some asshat with nothing better to do than ruin other people's day. It's going to cost as much as the bike to replace it.

Monday I discovered you can't burn tracks less than 10 seconds on to a CD. Why? No clue. But it's in the documentation. Says so, right there, you just can't do it. This left some very annoying problems with my Browncoat Ball test burn CD. But hey, at least I'm 80% of the way through creating the final set list.

Or at least I was. Real Player just crashed and after rebooting my computer, I opened again to have it say, "Real Player had an abnormal shut down. Do you want to repair your music library?" Um, yes? It brought back all the tracks. It lost my playlist. So now I get to start all over again.

And yet, for all the stress of the past month and some, I've not yet had a good cathartic cry about it all. And it's apparently not going to happen tonight either. You know when you feel nauseous and you just know you're going to throw up, but it just hasn't happened yet? And how you just know you'll feel so much better as soon as you throw up? It's starting to feel a bit like that, only no crying. All I can muster tonight is a heavy sigh and starting over and moving on.

Oh and Real Player just got so completely uninstalled from my system. Never again. So done with anything from Real.


  • Yeah, Real used to be as good as it got, but lately they've added a lot of out-of-tune bells and whistles and it just doesn't work. I've uninstalled it from pretty much every machine I use and just don't go places that use that format.

    Sorry things are so sucky. You can cry on my shoulder next time we meet.

    By Blogger Flonkbob, at 7:03 AM  

  • I lost my seat a while back and now got a quick release lock from

    By Blogger Video Babe, at 10:06 AM  

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