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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Work Hate

I'm working late again on the Unanet project. I'm trying to integrate the input of six different directors for the final load tomorrow for go-live on Monday. Well, five really. Even two days late, one hasn't done the work. It's an insane schedule, because we just changed our org structure last Friday, with all job offers made Friday and decisions by Tuesday. So I was supposed to have new org charts and project managers assigned to all projects no later than Wednesday morning. I had that for half of the directors on Wednesday before the close of business. Of those, only one followed the instructions (Thanks Armand!). The rate of assignment completion and attention to detail for this group is far worse than for the high school kids I used to teach. If it were school, there'd be a lot of really bad grades. Most would be flunking. And these folks make all the decisions for the organization. I have got to get out of this department!!! Aieeeeeeeeeee!


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