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Monday, October 02, 2006

Another Fine Weekend

So this weekend had a Fifth Friday, so that should've meant a games night at our house, but following on the heels of the Browncoat Ball, I didn't have the spunk, and we had 2 other big parties to attend so we opted to spend Friday night other ways with a little late work, a trip to the gym, and a romp through Target to find (and agonize over) a birthday present for Fred. He ended up getting the first season of the Tick on DVD, but it was a tight race with Animaniacs vol. 1. I reckon that will be for Christmas if he's not gotten it for himself by then.

So Saturday we rose earlyish with some household projects in mind. We walked down to Linda's for yummy Mexican breakfast and bumped into a couple of the neighbors and petted their dog Bergen. He's the softest Boxer I've ever petted. We cleaned out the fridge, and then I scrubbed the grill and Rick did the dishes. And then Rick discovered that there was a leak under the sink. A leak that had apparently been there for a while, not leaking a lot, but just enough to keep things moist, and growing. He set about cleaning up the mess and trying to figure out where the leak was coming from. We left everything dry and headed to Fred's party.

Fred's party was lovely as ever. It's one of those never miss parties. The Tick was warmly received and there was a minor interlude of watching The Tick vs. The Tick and The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold, introducing them to Logan for the first time. The party flowed in its usual waves of people, and Rick gorged himself on cupcakes while at at many tortellinis. We had a quorum of 5 ex-girlfriends, but sadly Fred's new place has little room for dancing. I also got to meet his new rescue kitten Colin, who is just cottonball soft.

We came home to find the area under the sink we again, and presumed it had to have something to do with the dishwasher. Mopped up, we went to bed, ready to take it on in the morning. In the morning, there was a new puddle, so we knew it wasn't the dishwasher after all since it hadn't been running again. With some more puzzzling, we figured out it was the faucet dripping down on the hose to the dishwasher that had misled us before. So we started trying to unscrew the faucet to see what size washer was needed. Turns out that it's a whole modular thing, and it was all calcified into place. Rick proceeded to work on it for 40 minutes or so, with much cursing and scowling and one strained thumb, but finally it came free. We threw it in a bag and headed to Home Depot.

It started raining on the way there. A lot. No namby pamby first rain of the season. This was wet and cold. Okay then.

We left Home Depot after bumping into Chris who was shopping for gardening stuff with her new boyfriend. Their faucet selection was uninspiring. We decided to try Lowe's, but got back on the freeway to find it creeping along, because it had been months since everyone had seen rain and they'd utterly forgotten how to drive. So we scrapped that plan, opting to run past OSH on the way home and then get dressed for dinner and maybe hit Lowe's on the way to the Supper Club.

We were the most fabulously dressed couple in Lowe's. Me in a golden halter top dress, fishnet stockings and little 40's style heels, all made up with hair pinned in swirls. Rick was in his dressy Utilikilt and silver shirt and tie. And we bought a new faucet. And then we went on to Ari's birthday party.

Ari was turning 30, so she invited about 30 friends to a fabulous evening of dining and lounging and performance art at Supper Club. Five courses of food were served to us on our sprawling wall of beds - pickled beets and melon, garlic parmesan soup, lobster ragout, pork with huckleberry sauce with mushrooms and spaetzle, and apple mint cheesecake. In between we were treated to performance art centered largely around a water tank. When we entered, there was a chap floating in the tank. Later, he came back with a girl who did a small trapeze act and then they swirled together in the tank. Later they were back and gothy, her in chains. She broke free of the chains in the tank, and he went in later to bind himself in them. Meanwhile, the real show was the aerialist who did the hoop act. She had skill, hanging from one foot, both heels, the back of her head, etc. Gorgeous. Meanwhile, I'm snuggled up with my friends, sipping on "fauxitos" (a virgin mojito - yummy yummy), getting to spend some quality time over dinner with my favorite people, all dressed to the nines. Then I danced with Auntie, her protecting her shoulder but getting out there and dancing like she loved it. Elizabeth gloried in snuggling with her friends and having a whole evening to herself, dining at a leisurely pace, and revelling in not having to make any choices.

Arriving at 7, we wandered home a little after 11:30. It was a late night, but well worth it.

And today, Rick played plumber and installed the new faucet. It's shiny and pretty and has a little sprayer spout. Yay!


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