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Friday, October 13, 2006

Banking with Wow

So I went to the ATM last night to deposit a check. I scrambled around for a few minutes, trying not to be overly rude to the other users there, but also trying to find an envelope for my deposit. Couldn't find one. Finally started reading the signage that said, "No envelopes!" and initially thought, "Well how dumb is that. They finally put bank/ATM in my neighborhood and you can't make deposits at it? Sheesh." But then I kept reading. Oh no, now you don't put your checks in an envelope; you just put them in the machine. Uh... okay. So I try it. I fumble a little bit because it doesn't suck the check in like it did with the old envelopes. The space is bigger. But then the little door closes and I realize, "Oh wait, I didn't type in the amount." But then a second later, the ATM pops up with a little image of my check and says "Total deposits: $60." I touch the image of my check and sure enough, even with the bad handwriting, it recognized the amount and has taken a nice image of it. This is the part where I loudly exclaim, "Cool!" But wait, there's more. So I finish my deposit, and it asks me if I want a receipt, but not just any receipt. I can have my receipt with or without an image of the check. Well with the image of course! It prints out and there I am with a receipt for my deposit with the picture of the check right on it. Totally the coolest thing ever. So then I get some cash and head to Target, where I find lightbulbs on sale for half price ($1.48 for 8) which is really cheap, but really, I'm just still totally thrilled about the banking. It's been a long time since going to an ATM has been a totally Wow experience, but tonight, Wells Fargo rocked my world.


  • ATM sounds cool,

    Light bulbs 8 for $1.48?,
    Those are probably incadescent?

    Any reason you're not using compact florescent, they are suppsoed to be less expensive over the long run due to longer life and less energy use.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 1:31 PM  

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