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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Girly Clothing Swap

One of my favorite things ever is coming home to a clean house. I got home last night and Rick had spent his afternoon cleaning up - vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, clearing off the table, scooping kitty litter, doing dishes, and so on. The house had gone from totally cluttered and dusty to very very comfortable. So, I got there, put on a pot of soup, threw some mini-quiches in the oven, opened a couple of bags of chips, and hung up some clothes left over from the Browncoat Ball in the blue room.

And then Christyn and I hosted another clothing swap. I pulled less clothes than I donated, so I count that a victory. Meanwhile, one of the things I truly love about clothing swaps is that since the clothes are all just laying there, begging for a home, I get brave enough to try things I would never ordinarily try on. Items this time included:
- a very slinky silver dress.
- a pair of size 8 jeans that fit perfectly.
- a pair of Old Navy sneakers that were totally cute.
- a Hawaiian shirt for a future Paw Paw club.
- a totally fifties red and white dress. It screams "Take me to tea!"
Other grand finds were a perfect little apron that Laura brought, a cherry print skirt for work (because really I need more cherry prints? Um, no wait...), a couple of well-fitted black tops, a light blue top, a white top, a couple of new skirts for work, and a black leather motorcycle jacket that looks exactly like one I owned in 1989 (that one having been long since stolen).

Even better than what I found for myself was seeing friends in clothes I once loved but cannot wear now. There are few greater thrills than the classic, "Oooh this is so cute!" of someone turning in front of a mirror wearing something you know and love. We had an huge range of body sizes represented - from size 4 to size 26 - so there was a lot of "Hmm too big for me. You try this." followed shortly by, "Hmm, a little tight. I think it'll fit you." Thursday I'm hauling the leftovers to the thrift store. This morning I went to my closet and tried on a little grey cardigan I'd decided to keep on Sunday, and immediately thought, "Hmm. Too big. Should've sent it to the swap. Oh well. Next time." It'll be time again in January or February.


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