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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

He learned something?

Usually nothing gets me out of bed faster than hearing the start of a speech from our president. His diction annoys me to the core. The man can't speak English gracefully. After all the years and all the teasing, he still says nookyooler instead of nuclear, and even did so this morning. But much to my surprise, when asked much the same question as I posed in my blog yesterday, he said that he'd learned something from the Iraq thing and that he doesn't want to act unilaterally. Sure, it's probably not true, but man, just the thought of him even saying he had learned something from his mistakes was more than I thought possible from him. He's always comes off as so righteous and unable to ever admit his misjudgements, that this was a huge moment for me. Maybe, just maybe, he's grown. Or, y'know, that was the excuse his speech advisor told him to use and he didn't notice he was admitting to not being omniscient. One or the other.


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