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Monday, October 16, 2006

Highly Productive

Sunday was spent in a whirlwind of productivity. I washed the deck for sealing before Fezziwig's practice on Saturday, so right after breakfast, I marched out to the deck to seal it for the winter. Opening the can of sealant proved to be the trickiest part. Meanwhile, Rick started working on fixing the attic stairs. They had failed during the electricians-and-Dad period a few months ago. Meanwhile, I started cleaning up the leaves around the backyard and driveway. A few minutes later Rick emerged an announced he needed a different tool. So we broke off, got changed, and headed out to Lowe's for some additional stuff. We grabbed a grinder bit and some silicone sealant for use in replacing the bathroom faucet. We had a look at the shower stuff. I think I'm going to add a new tub and shower faucet to my Christmas wishlist. It's $168, so it's a bit more than I can casually spend, but it would be nice to have a new faucet, not so woefully tacky and dated and that better matches the style of the house. Of course, eventually I'll need to replace the whole tub and such, but that's a much bigger project, and one I won't likely take on until we add a second bathroom to the house, if that ever happens. Anyway, after Lowe's we headed up Central to Mountain View to go look at new glasses frames as mine are worn out and the lenses have a couple of small cracks. We took photos a about 20 different frames on me. One or two more stops and I should be ready to make a decision on that front. Next up was a quick trip through Target and Trader Joe's to get munchies for the clothing swap on Tuesday. Trader Joe's had a big board of groceries advertising the savings of shopping there. I always knew TJ's was cheaper, but yeah, actually way cheaper. I'd noticed this myself lately when I had sticker shock at Safeway and Save Mart. Anyway, for comparable carts of food, it was $108 vs. $49. Yikes. Yeah, always shopping at TJ's if I can help it, because also the food quality is so much better. They've got these lovely new treats - 100 calorie packs of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies made with real sugar and butter instead of corn syrup and partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Anyway, after that we headed past my favorite Mountain View taqueria - Los Charros on Dana - and took home a burrito for Rick and I to split. I'd forgotten how good their burritos are. Yum. After dinner, Rick went back to the stairs and finished that up. I attacked my closet and tried on everything that I hadn't worn in the past week. With a mountain of clothes on my bed, and five bags of discards, I'm now ready for the clothes swap and for a big batch to donate. Meanwhile, I got to watch several hours of the Animaniacs while doing this sorting.

So, final tally:
- glasses shopping started
- attic stairs repaired
- deck sealed
- prepped for clothing swap
- new bathroom faucet project in progress

I suspect this fit of productivity was inspired by Saturday's trip to the last Fezziwig's rehearsal of the year, with 2 weekends left between now and Dickens workshops. I'm SO not ready for Dickens, but hopefully I'll have a new corset after this coming weekend. Then I can see what it will take to get me dressed for Dickens. I suspect some last minute tailoring assistance may need to be solicited. We shall see.

Oh, and we totally saw this squirrel run across the road on Central Expressway, and he ran between three cars and made it to the other side and said, "Weeeeeeeeeee!" It ruled. (In reality, he didn't actually say "Weeeeeeee!" as far as I could see, but man that little guy was moving fast!


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