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Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Good To Be The King

Just ran over to the Registrar's Office for Friday lunch games. Too late, Max and I discovered we were both big board/card game players, and he said, "Man, I should've invited you to the game lunches at the Reg Office." So I've gone over twice now, both time for a really good time. This time I played It's Good To Be The King. It's sort of a poker variant with tributes the king wants. Each day he gets a little more demanding. There are seven days. First there's a card trading round, then you pay your tribute, and finally points are counted. Your tribute ranks based on number of items first, and type of tribute second. There's different rankings each day. So it worked out pretty cool. In the in, I won by one point, which is clearly beginner's luck because there were a bunch of missed opportunities. Next week I'm going back to play Guillotine with them, because Max has always wanted to play it and never has. Go figure.


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