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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Little joys

Allow me to gush for a moment.

My new office is lovely. It is small, but that's okay. I may someday share it with a roommate, but today it is all mine. It has a vaulted, beamed ceiling. It's in a little low, Eichler-esque building with green plants all over. After four years of over-air conditioned spaces on campus, I'm back to a building with a window that opens. The room is cool in the mornings when I arrive, warm in the afternoons when it's warm outside, and as it gets late, I notice the sun setting outside, reminding me to wrap things up and head home. I love this. It's a beautiful sort of connection to the outside world. Also, what I wear for being outside and what I wear for being inside are closely correllated. This is very much unlike my experience in Godzilla, where my days were punctuated with sweaters and a space heater under my desk... in July.

I am treated as the expert in my field. If I say something is a campus readiness task, it is. If I say that belongs to someone else, it does. Jim keeps telling me I get to define this realm for ITS because currently I'm the only one. And everyone is so happy to see me. And it's a rare day that goes by without at least one person saying, "We're just so glad you're here. We really need you." And then I float back to my desk and turn out my very best work because I will not let these people down. I am not, and never will be, "the kid" to these folks. I'm a skilled, experienced, adult professional. This totally rocks.

And my manager and I had a little miscommunication about computers. I pretty much do everything off of one computer that has to go everywhere I go and have everything I've ever done on it. When my new computer arrived and was a desktop system, I looked rather pained. Lugging a tower from meeting to meeting seemed like a bad idea. So before Rodney installed it, I leaned over to inquire with Jim. He said he was getting me a laptop too. Then he poked his head in a few minutes later and said, "But you only want one, right? That's the part I didn't get." I confirmed, and he said that it was no problem and he'd order my laptop post haste. I talked to the tech about it yesterday, went over my hoped for specs, and he told me the specs he was planning on were even better than what I was gingerly, cautiously asking for. And when it came to software, it was get whatever you need. No, really, anything. If I can name it (and hopefully a reason for it) then order it. Wog. I'm in heaven. Absolute heaven. Over in AS I couldn't upgrade to the new version of SnagIt because the director had found another product that was $8 cheaper and wanted us to use that instead, so I downloaded the trial version, found out it totally sucked, and went back to using my ancient, likely not appropriately licensed copy of SnagIt rather than do battle to argue for the new version.

So, work is good. Really really good. I've been spending my lunches reading "The Know-It-All", soaking up the sunshine of the autumn afternoons, sometimes eating frozen lunch and sometimes really savoring the cheapest lunch I've found on campus - chicken taco, side of pinto beans, bag of tortilla chips, and a bucket of soda for $3.98. The taco maker always smiles and waves when he sees me coming. He barely speaks English and I don't speak Spanish, but he always says hello and asks if I'm doing okay. It's great. It's just so nice to have one area of my life calm, moving in a good direction, and where every day I learn something new. Other things aren't quite so stable yet, but hopefully something will come together soon and Rick will find a job and be able to pay his rent again and I'll get to stop living on a financial precipice. Hopefully alterations to Dickens clothing won't be overwhelming. Hopefully Dickens workshops and Dickens Fair won't be completely exhausting. Hopefully everything else will fall gracefully into place like work has. The great thing is that after months of everything going awry, I no longer have the daily expectation that the worst possible outcome is the most likely outcome, because at least one thing is going as well as possible.


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