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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Living in a Low-Income Neighborhood

Our next door neighbors still live in a partially burned out house with no electricity. Except for Adella, who lives in a camper out back. It's pretty ghetto, but I've never had nicer neighbors. Adella hit a tree on her bike a few weeks ago and hurt her leg. As a diabetic, it really didn't heal well (or quickly). So she was laid up for a couple of weeks, in a lot of pain, with her 70+ year old dad to help her out. Rick loaned them some walkie talkies after one particularly unfortunate morning where her dad couldn't hear her calling from the camper. The camper is parked next to our bedroom window, so we could hear her calling out just fine. Anyway, a nice loan, and a few suggestions about wound care later, and Adella's feeling a lot better now. She's up and walking again at least, which prompted her to make us dinner last night. So there I am, working on a demo of the Stanford Desktop tool for the TIPS meeting on Wednesday morning (must remember to get up extra early on Wednesday!), and I get an IM from Rick that asks how long I'm going to be, because Adella just brought over dinner, and should he keep it warm? I said to fridge it because I'd be at least an hour. He said dinner was corn on the cob, baked potato with gravy, pork ribs, roll, and some dessert. I didn't really get the magnitude of this til I got home to a huge platter covered in foil wrapped food. The ribs were amazing. I don't really eat ribs because the whole thought of gnawing on a bone just seems a tad uncivilized, but man, this was an experience in why pork is the best meat ever. Anyway, Adella was just saying thanks for being concerned. I love our ghetto neighbors!


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