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Monday, October 16, 2006

No Bathroom

One of the odder quirks of my new office is that the building does not have a bathroom. It's got a lovely kitchen, but to go pee, you've got to go out the door, across the breezway, and into the building next door. During the day, this is no big deal. After five, this is a bit trickier. I have to have a traditional metal key to get into the building next door, and a card key to get back into my own building, which can only be entered from one door at the end of the hall. So, going to the loo after five requires significantly more thought that I usually put into such things. Usually, I wait til the last second, then when I'm convinced that tapping my foot does not actually make my bladder larger, I dash down the hall to relieve myself. If I do that here, I'm awfully likely to get locked out. Instead I have to think, "Do I have my keys? Do I have my wallet? Okay, good, time to go pee then." It's very odd. But as quirks go, it's not such a big deal.

Well, I guess that brings my blog full circle. One of the very first posts to my blog was about women who pee on the seats of public toilets. For this, I became one of the top Google hits for "women peeing" for a while. I suspect I may go up in the rankings again. Really, I'm not an especially urine-minded person. Really. I swear.

Oh hey, did I mention we went to see Urinetown at CCSF a week ago. Still really love that show. I just adore the interaction between Officer Lockstock and Little Sally.


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