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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Lancers In My Head!

Gah! I think I've got part three of the Lancers Quadrille song stuck in my head. I know it's the part with the long bow. Evil! Evil I tell you!

Went to see The Little Foxes at ACT last night. It's still current after 70 years. It had 2 intermissions and I had an 8am meeting - not a good combination. But I got up, got out of the house on time, stopped for scones for the meeting on the way, and made it with 8 minutes to set up. Then I realized I wasn't my usual muzziheaded morning self. Weird. The meeting was super-important, so I guess my brain decided to play nice. We did good work, and I was at my desk at 9:15 feeling all accomplished.


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