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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Cat

(Note: I'm woefully far behind on the truly fabulous time I've been having these last couple weeks. I'll get to it, really. In the meantime...)

So Pixel has been notifying us that with Rick working full-time and me still working full-time, he's not getting enough play time or snuggles. Mostly this has taken the form of 3am toy deliveries in bed and 4am snuggle attacks, both with the "But I don't care that you were sleeping. I ~needed~ snuggles/play NOW!"

So thinks us, after Christmas, maybe we'll go cat shopping, see if we can find him a companion, someone to play with him at 3am who doesn't have to get up at 7 to get to the office. (I'm sure we're not getting out of the snuggle assaults.)

On Thursday, Rick decided to stay home sick and try to beat the cold that's been dogging him. It's been one of those, "Oh, I'm feeling better. Oh wait, nevermind." colds. So he slept. Then he got up and slept some more on the sofa. Then I fed him pizza (per his "I'm sick and I want this" request) and we lounged on the sofa watching Joan of Arcadia (since disk one of season two finally arrived via Netflix) and napped. So the final episode on the disk is called "The Cat" and it's the one where god makes Joan adopt a cat. So we're watching this, and getting the hankering, and after it's over, I ask Rick if he wants to visit the Humane Society. After 15 hours of sleeping/napping, he's totally up for that. Off we go, to browse the cages and see if Pixel's perfect match is available.

We walk into the first room and while we're petting Ned, a little ginger boy who isn't quite as cute as Pixel, there's this cat at the end of the row sticking her arms out. So we walk over and pet Sabrina. She's aggressively friendly. She throws herself against the bars to get scritched. She's playful. She's been there since October. We're pretty taken, but there's four more rooms of cats. There's this adorable threesome of kittens - Peanut, Cashew, and Bear, two orange short hairs and a black short hair. Bear and Cashew are curled up together. We walk in and Peanut immediately starts purring. Bear starts licking Cashew. They all look up and Peanut and Cashew reach out paws toward us. We scratch Peanut's chin and Bear and Cashew snuggle each other. These are three kittens that shouldn't be separated. We can't be the crazy cat people. Moving along...

We wander through the rest of the cages. There's Jennie, the goofy grey kitten who rolled off the edge of her perch for the sake of attention, right onto poor Howie below who looked terribly put upon. There's Elliot, a blue eyed guy who rolls on his back when you talk to him. There's Saskia the little black kitty who loves to lick your hand. There's Wolfie, the big black kitty in the pen with Felicia, who loves to get petted, and gets jealous when you try to pet Felicia instead.

There were so many of them just dying for a home. Sabrina and Ned have both been there since October. If they'd let us take one home that night, we would've. Instead we went back to the beginning to pet Sabrina and Ned again. Sabrina reached out and held us again. Rick was falling for Ned before Sabrina started playing with him just like Pixel. Ned was sweet and gentle, but Sabrina would make a perfect addition to the household.

So we made and appointment for next week with the adoption counselors.

And today we went to see Happy Feet with Kevin and Rachel. On our way home, we decided to drop in on Sabrina and see if she was still as irresistible.

She was gone. Adopted. So was Ned. So were the Peanut and Cashew, and Bear was just being picked up by his new owner. And Jennie had an I'm Adopted stamp on her paperwork. About half the kitties were gone in two days. It was amazing. So, we missed out on Sabrina, but we'll check back again soon. We met an adorable cat named Ted today. One of the volunteers begged us to take him home so she wouldn't have to. He's been there since August, and he's the sweetest guy. He's a lap cat who loves having his belly rubbed. He was sharing a small room with three other cats and they didn't bother him in the least. But he wasn't especially playful, so he may not be a good match for Pixel. Anyway, it was kind of a relief to go back and find so many of the needy kitties having found a home.


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