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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dickens: Week 3

It was a lovely weekend at fair. I think my favorite part was dancing with little Sunny, who decided I was more fun to dance with than mommy or daddy. Who can resist that?

Also, Mr. Charlie Dickens (Dickens eldest son) gave me two baggies full of yummy perfectly chewy chocolate chip cookies on Saturday morning. I stuffed them into my jacket as the world's lumpiest breast implants and headed back to the warehouse with my mush and coffee in hand. After eating my mush, I started sharing cookies with those who came seeking or looked like they could use a cookie. Yummy cookies, and much joy was shared.

At four, I went to the Naughty French Postcards and got to see this year's version. Good show, including Mrs. Fezziwig. She managed to avoid giggling even when someone called out in their best, most shocked tone, "Mrs. Fezziwig!"

Arthur came down to the Dickens parlor with me at five on Saturday and played Vampire. While I sat quietly, Arthur ended up dying repeatedly either as the vampire or victim in every round. I suspect he'll be ready to go back again sometime.

Saturday after fair, the fair hosted an 80's party at Fezziwigs. We decided to stay for a bit, see how it was, probably head out around 9. We finally left a bit after 10 because the party started slow, and got much better as it went on. Just when we'd think, "Okay, time to go" they'd play something irresistible. I mean, who could walk out on "Come on Eileen"? So, we stayed out too late, and drove Rosie home, and finally made it back to home having had no dinner. Not a good thing to do to my poor wee body, but a little food, a couple ibuprofen, and a good night's rest and all was forgiven.

On Sunday, I had one of those days of nagging nuisances, starting with being unable to find my head doily, and with the most noisome problem being parking at the Cow Palace. This year they decided to park the participants in one of the paddocks. I dutifully parked there the first weekend, and came out that Sunday night to hop over puddles into the mud to get to my car. Since then, I've refused to park in Lake Cow Palace. On Sunday, I apparently chose poorly because Joel came to find me saying that that Hill/Fezzis car needed to be moved. Ugh. There was no one directing traffic at all in the morning, and they waited an hour and a half after I got there to let me know I couldn't park there. With much annoyance I told Joel that I would see about moving it, but that it would have to wait til after tableau. I know they want to keep good parking for the patrons, but by god, if we're paying for it (which we are), I don't want to be parked in a mud puddle or behind an unlit building or anything else. I want decent, respectful parking. Oh well. So, walking back in, I told myself I would not be a third weekend grumpy butt and forcefully put myself back into good cheer. The day did keep nagging at me, with my hair clip going missing, thankfully turning up again, but having been trod upon. We also got some lovely proof sheets of photos from Chris White, one of the Dark Garden photographers. I'm much looking forward to having copies to share, but I tucked them under a chair on the stage, and they went missing (even with my name on the envelope). But at the end of the day, a bunch of folks headed to BJ's for dinner, and I decided I should join them. Yummy pizza was consumed, but better than that was that the pub wanted us to dance again. Last week, a bunch of folks went and they were the hit of the night, and they asked us to come back again. So all-in this time, because what any good Fezziwigger needs after two days of dancing and a Saturday night dance party is some more (Irish) dancing. So there we are doing High Caul Cap and the song ends and we all settle back to chairs, and the very next song is the Safety Dance. We all start laughing. Tox says, "What?" and then the lyrics fill him in on the joke:
We can dance if we want to
We can leave your friends behind
'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
Well they're no friends of mine

'Twas a good weekend all in all. I'm feeling the pinch of the season, where things are sliding through the cracks at work, and I'm glad there's only one full week of work left before the break because I think I can mostly make it. The one thing that just isn't going to get done is Christmas shopping. I think I'm going to start a tradition of either Halloween presents or New Year's presents or some such. Still, must find something nice for my cousins at least. We'll see what happens.


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