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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Baking and Laundry and Dancing - Oh my!

Monday was supposed to be a mellow day off. Just a little baking, some laundry, and go to the Plough.

A little baking was a lot of baking, and a lot of trips to the store, and one burned hand, and well, I missed the lesson, but by 8:00, I was ready to abandon the rest of the ginger snaps in favor of going to dance.

On the way up, I remembered I was supposed to talk Erik into heading to the Plough since he didn't have to teach and didn't have fencing. I called and said, "Hey, I forgot to remind you, and I'm totally running late." He said, "Well, it's a good thing I'm not at the Plough then." I said, "Ah, well yah. So I'll see you Friday or Saturday. Have a good evening."

Got to the Plough just as they were about to start Haymaker's Jig, so not too late. Greeted Quinn, then saw Erik two couples down. Something starting with a W leapt out of my mouth. It might have been "what" or "wait", but it really was just some proto-verbal state of shock. Turns out, no, he wasn't there when I talked to him, but he was on the way. Well alrighty then. Add to that Auntie Alex and Quinby and all sorts of folks present and accounted for, and birthday cake for Rene and Greg and it was all the makin's for a lovely night at the Plough.

So then John called a reel-a-thon, and I set up with Bob and Alex and Eden. Bob was calling in random order. Really terribly random. We did all the pieces, but in no particular order. Lead around was followed by Forward Kiss from Bronwyn was followed by the body of Ironhand followed by the first figure of Four Hand Reel. Egad. It worked, but really made you stay on your toes. We only blew one figure, so I call it a win. Next time he says he's going to try it in reverse. We'll see how that goes.

And John was calling a pretty perfect set for my tastes. I got a Hallucination Jig followed by Fairy Reel followed by waltzing then Trip to the Cottage (my favorite traditional Irish dance) followed by Waves of Tory (which gave me a minute to sit down, because Waves of Tory is evil) followed by High Caul Cap.

Also, Erik has truly astounding powers of following. We dragged him through the High Caul, and it didn't really look like dragging. He'd never done it before, but he did okay, even managing the M-F. Pretty cool.

And I finished up the baking and bagging last night and we delivered cookies and zucchini bread to all of our neighbors. One thing off the to-do list. Now I just need to figure out what to get my cousins for Christmas.


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