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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ceili on Saturday at Friday Night Waltz

Scott has decided to move the East Bay Friday Night Waltz to Saturday. I'm not so sure this is a good idea, but heck, we'll see what happens. I very frequently have Saturdays booked months in advance, but have freedom on many Friday nights.

The first FNW on Saturday is this coming Saturday at the Oakland Veterans Hall. Scott has the whole building, so why not use it all! First, if you've been dying to learn the Bohemian National Polka, then go to that class. Richard Powers is teaching from 7-9. But if you're like me and learned BNP ages ago, then come join us in the other room for some ceili dancing. I suspect that since there's a beginning waltz class and a BNP class, we'll have a pretty high skill level of dancer. This is just a guess, but if I'm right, then we'll be working on polka sets. If it's just one set, that's fine. We can work on some crazy variations. It should be fun one way or another.

The lessons/workshop is from 7-9, with open dancing in the main room after that.


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