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Monday, January 01, 2007

The Dance Pentathalon

Every year, there's a weekend of special madness. It's when Fezziwigs and Gaskells collide. This year was even more than normal. Sherman called it the "Dance Pentathalon" - five dance events in four days:
- Friday Night Waltz
- Fezziwigs Saturday
- Gaskell Ball
- Fezziwigs Sunday
- Starry Plough
On Friday, the alternate event was Dave and Ellen's Winter Bash.

So yes, I did it all. And I went to work on Monday morning. And I felt pretty good. And tired. Luckily this year it didn't also involve closing day at Dickens so I headed home Sunday night to foot soaking and falling asleep on the sofa.

But Gaskells was special. I got to wear my prom dress (vintage 1992) for the first time in years. It's a good dress. It's a good dress with no corset and no hoops. This was totally the right answer after a full day at Dickens. My favorite part was when Tony walked up and said, "Well, it's a trick, because there's a flesh colored slip under it." And he slid his finger under my sleeve, and saw his finger under the lace. And then his brain broke for a moment. Tee hee! Very good dress.

Gaskell Ball December 2006 - photo by Dave Price
After the ball, several of us crashed with Auntie in Alameda. This was so the right answer. A hot shower and quickly to bed, I didn't bother to grab my book. In the morning, we stopped at Ole's to see if they did take-out. Sure enough, they do. Ten minutes later, I was back in the car with waffle in hand. They have the best bacon ever. Yum! So, we were five to ten minutes late for our 9:30 dressed call. Couldn't be helped. Ole's had take-out.

We made it through the day, including the crazy video guy wandering through the middle of our scene completely unannounced. Turns out, he was contracted by the Pattersons, but no one bothered to mention to us. Grr. But we survived and actually the scene went amazingly well that day. Much cleaner than the day before.

And the day finished with the Belle tug-of-war.

I took a few minutes before leaving the office to make up Pendancelete badges for those that made all five, and Participant badges for those who were there for some of it.
Couldn't help it. Danced like crazy. Drove home. Slept. Went to work. And then went to Disneyland.

Yeah, Disneyland.


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