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Monday, January 22, 2007

Daylight Saving Dates Changed

So have you heard that the dates for Daylight Saving Time have changed? Well, they have, and it's going to cause some weird problems for me. The Oracle Calendar we use (which is utter crap) will get a patch to the server to update the time at the right time, but any meetings scheduled prior to the patch being implemented will now be an hour off schedule for the 3 intervening weeks between the old DST dates and the new ones. Oracle says they can't do anything about that and that we'll just have to adjust those meetings manually. Everyone on campus who uses the calendar will have to adjust their meetings. Great.

And after reviewing the data on this one, I'm convinced that I no longer hate Daylight Saving Time. I hate standard time. In standard time, it gets light earlier and dark earlier. Just leave it dark when we're sleeping, and keep it light when we're at work, on the way home, and shuffling around the house doing chores. Everything keeps talking about how much energy is saved during DST, so just shift it and stick it. But no, instead we go through the twice annual drama of clock shifting. The complaint there is that the sun won't be at its apex at noon, but that's not been true since we shifted to standardized time in the first place, so get over it, and let's let time be more appropriate to the needs of our time.

The new DST dates also still don't sync up with the European dates for DST. I still resent the year I lost an hour in Germany and lost the hour again in the states a week later. The upside for the new dates is that the fall change is after Halloween, making it get dark a bit later for Trick or Treating. In theory, part of the rationale was that kids would go out while it was still light, but everyone knows you have to wait for the dark before trick-or-treating. I just hope it makes for a little less chaos on the road since everyone won't have to leave work quite as early to get home to take the kids out. We shall see.


  • Yeah I want to keep it one way as well. The seasons shift the light enough without having to switch the hour around for greater effect.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 12:35 AM  

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