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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


For over two years, I've had a simple item on my wishlist: firewood. We have a lovely fireplace in our living room, and firewood is expensive. When we got home from the Humane Society last Monday, my grandparents called and asked if they could come down this weekend and bring us some firewood from Quintette. Secretly, I'd been hoping to get this call for about 2 years. With unabashed glee, we arranged for them to come on Saturday.

My mom and grandma and grandpa arrived on Saturday around noon and grandpa and Rick unloaded the firewood into the garage while mom and grandma hung out with Tommy, rapidly deciding he was awfully cute. We went out back and the firewood smelled of Quintette. It's one of those magical memory inspiring smells that makes you want to curl up with a log.

We proceeded to take them to our favorite local Mexican restaurant, and then tooled around the neighborhood a bit showing them fun stuff like the difference between our neighborhood and Naglee Park, and showing them the house we almost bought and finally ending up at the San Jose History park for a brief stroll. Grandpa said it was time to go, and we headed back home and got them on their way. It was a nice visit, if just entirely too brief.

Sunday night after Lizzie's tea party we came home and I made tuna cassarole and roasted zucchini for dinner, and we had a fire. It was a grey and drizzly night, and the fire kept us warm and crackled and popped with the sound of real wood. It was a perfectly relaxing way to finish the weekend.


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