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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Internet Works in Mysterious Ways

I logged in on New Year's Day and had some offline messages from an animator. Turns out, he'd been working on a project, needed a photo of a 40's era couple, and stumbled on the photo I posted of my grandparents. He used it, thinking it's just a class project, no one will ever see it. Then a year or so later, he gets a chance to have if shown on IFC. So he frantically tries to contact me about asking permission to use the photo. Finally we connect via Yahoo!IM. I watch the video and like it and say sure, use the photo. I double checked with my grandparents, and it's fine with them, so with a giant sigh of relief, he doesn't have to reedit the video.

It's a nice little short. I told him that my grandpa really was a pilot in WW2. He asks if they're both still with us. I say yes, very much so. He says that he was worried, because he altered by grandpa's hairline (since grandpa was apparently just a tad too handsome?) and his girlfriend said, "Well they'll probably be fine with it... wait... did you mess up his hair? Oh man, they're gonna hate you."


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