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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This is your one week notification for Critical Ghast, because nothing says a hallmark "I Heart You" like ZOMBIES!

* Justin Herman Plaza nearest Embarcadero BART

* Meet up at noon on February 10th. (hang 'em high).

* Rain date (February 17th)

* Will Critical Ghast elsewhere at 12:30.

* Pass this letter along to everyone you know and want to see as a walking corpse.

* Show up dressed in yer finest zombie drag.

* If you want to participate but as an innocent bystander who gets turned into a zombie, put a piece of duct tape visibly on yourself to indicate you are a zombie target.

* Bring some extra bottles of fake blood, makeup, and props to help zombify (willing) bystanders.


Think blood, open wounds, bruises, burns, decaying flesh, bite marks, tire tracks, a bolt through your head. Yellow, blue, green, and grey are healthy skin tones for zombies. You can’t overdo it, we promise.

Think about characters. Be a musician zombie, a business-person zombie, a tourist zombie, a firefighter zombie, a deadhead zombie. Have fun with it.

The high-budget version: With liquid latex, you can build truly spectacular open wounds. Add some color and some stage blood.

The lower-budget version: Burn a cork and rub the ash into your skin for a fabulous grey dead look. Corn syrup + red food coloring makes decent blood. You can build rotting flesh with wax, raw egg, or white glue, then add some color.

Rub dirt on your hands. Run your car over your pants. Use cheap drugstore eye shadow in blue or green on your cheeks. Rip and/or burn your clothing.

The almost-no-budget version: Show up with duct tape on your torso, and the zombies will attack you, eat your brains, cover you with blood, and turn you into one of them. Your costume won’t look great, but you get the joy of having your brains eaten by a mob of zombies in public.


You are hungry for brains! “Innocent” bystanders will signal that they want to play by wearing duct tape on their torsos. Feel free to eat their brains, especially if you have extra blood or make-up and can turn them into a zombie too. DO NOT attack people who are not wearing duct tape; they taste bad. Moan, stagger, lurch. Play. Talk to people. Have fun!


Everything you wear is likely to end up covered with blood, make-up, and random body parts ripped off other people. Don’t wear or bring anything that has to stay clean.

Think about props – brains to eat, extra body parts, or props/costumes that can signal who your character is. For instance, a tourist zombie could have a ripped Hawaiian shirt and a camera, and try (ineffectually) to take pictures.

Bring extra blood to make new zombies! Please bring it in plastic bottles or tubes, not glass.


Please pass this notice on!


  • hey here is some great duct tape stuff:


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