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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Totally Rocked.

Last year I figured it was just this thing I'd try once on a Friday night. Now I'm thinking I'm hooked for life. Hell, in one weekend, I got to be a fiesty French cat/patisserie chef, Kaylee... er Chase Smith, a vampire primogen, and Mad Anne Bonney (who became the next Dread Pirate Roberts). Plus I learned how to play Bang! and Killer Bunnies.

Again, and now unsurprisingly, T & Danielle's LARP was the highlight of the weekend: Monkey Island: Pirates vs. Ninjas. It totally ruled. It wasn't quite as cool as their game at Kublacon, but it was still fabulously great. The pirates and ninjas were playing a sort of Survivor game, complete with host Jerque Probes (that's zherk!) and new cohost (played by Suzanne). The pirates and ninjas ranged from the serious to the utterly goofy. We had Sir Francis Drake, the Dread Pirate Roberts and Long John Silver (fish franchise magnate) against Hitori Hanzo, Shredder, and the Ninja Burger Delivery Guy, for example. Fishsticks for everybody! The other great thing about this game was playing it with so many favorite Fezzis - Erik, Arthur, Kathrine (once a Fezziwigger, always a Fezziwigger), Suzanne, plus T & Danielle. It was family. I managed to cut a deal with the Dread Pirate Roberts. He explained the succession, and meanwhile I was trying to work out a deal with Zorro to become his wife. See, he was running for Governor of California, and really if he had any shot at winning, he was going to have to break the "Gay Blade" image. And it would promote my aspirations for women's rights advocacy and provide a nice father figure for my little girl. Meanwhile, pirating under the Dread Pirate Roberts guise was the perfect cover.

But the rest of the weekend was fun too. The Firefly LARP on Saturday was very similar in structure to a game I played at KublaCon, but had Firefly overlaid over the same basic plot. It worked better (for me) actually than the medieval story it was before. I was the genius mechanic with an overly friendly country bumpkin attitude. Luckily an old friend was working on board the Alliance ship so we got on just fine and managed to get a couple of the ships broke free and we escaped. Too bad the Reavers caught up to my friend on board the Alliance ship. It's a good thing that little bucket we were on was fast, else we would've got et as well.

After that I had a few hours free to stop by for a quick 10 minute massage from Ray, wander over to Target, grab a soda, and read a few chapters of Victoria's Daughters over lunch (yummy fish tacos) at Baja Fresh. I wandered back in and found Nick and Thea and Suzanne playing Bang. Looked like fun so I hung out for a hand. Cool game. I walked past the business center and saw T & Danielle, so hung out with them for a while, eventually heading out to grab dinner at Pasta Pomodoro. We talked over plans for the evening, and while they were headed up to finish planning their game, Dave and I headed over to check out the Vampire game. I've never played Vampire before, so I didn't really know... anything. Yet, I ended up as Jane Lee, Brujah primogen of my own small coterie. I ran upstairs to change and with the elevators' slowness, it took me about five minutes too long to get back. When I did make it back, one of my coterie (a Malkavian) had been scalped for pranking the Harpy, an explosion had gone off killing another primogen, and had blown off the arm of the one who'd just gotten scalped. She carried it around for the rest of the game and named it Sally. So I get back and say, "Hunh?" So, my goal is to make the Prince trust me and not to get framed for the murder and to teach my young Brujah that violence isn't always the answer and so on. Chaos ensues. The GMs were a bit inexperienced and didn't have their story straight. Lots of silly stuff happens including Josephine (the Malkavian) coming into possession of a second stray arm that wasn't even supposed to be there. She named it Jo Jo. Also, she was cursed to not be able to tell the truth for an hour, so she and my young Brujah worked for an hour on a series of questions that kept them very entertained, and left me utterly bewildered for quite some time. It was highly silly. Net result, we did watch each others backs, and kept together quite well, and I blundered through with utter honesty and gained the prince's trust enough to become his senechal by the close of the game. And then I headed to bed at 3am. Oof.

The next morning was breakfast with the Schluntzes. There was waffles and coffee cake and bacon. It was the neverending plate of bacon. And good coffee. Yum. And Logan showed me his new Nintendo and we played Land Before Time. This is actually one of my very favorite parts of Dundracon weekend - getting to spend a leisurely morning with Sean, Elizabeth, Katie, and Logan. We did it last year, and playing Uno with a four year old rocks. This year we didn't get around to Uno, but I did get to see the new windows and closets they put into their condo.

Finally, I went back and did a bit of work on Daylight Saving Time stuff and testing iPass before playing Killer Bunnies.

Net result: one highly entertaining, and yet relaxing weekend.


  • It was great fun playing in the Pirates vs. Ninjas Larp with you. I had no idea you were a "beginer" to Larping, well played. See you next year!

    El Zorro!

    By Blogger Baronlaw, at 3:27 PM  

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