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Thursday, February 08, 2007

New Deadlines

Remember when I became the voice of doom on one of my projects? At last week's meeting, the project sponsor decided that we couldn't do February 26th. (Whew!) She also decided that we didn't have enough information to set a new and firm date for launch. Her idea was that we could play it by ear, and then launch somewhere between March 5th and March 26th with at least 3 weeks lead time. This left me anxious. I really needed a minimum of 4 weeks lead time to do a proper communication ramp up and training delivery. So there I was with a nervous knot in my belly all last week thinking we'd end up launching on March 5th and I'd still be scrambling.

And then I went to the meeting again today. Turns out, the consultant from the software company isn't available to be onsite from March 5th through March 16th, so that left us two potential weekends to do the cutover. Discussion happened about the pros and cons of the remaining weekends and in the end, lots of people who were not me voted for the later weekend. So, we're launching March 26th, and I have confidence that we can make that date gracefully, and I have my marching orders and I've got six weeks to get everything to go well. I can totally do that.

So even though I have a lot of work to do, I've got a reasonable amount of time to do it in and a firm end point. It's a huge relief.

I still love my job.


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