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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pillow Fight!

Okay, so it was fun. Really really fun.

There are LOTS of pictures. I love that the press just embraces it as the "annual" pillow fight, even though it's only year two. San Francisco is just the kind of town to embrace wacky traditions.

I got off BART about one minute to six and ran towards the plaza with the others. The clock started striking six, and pillows began to fly. Battle cries were sounded. At first, everyone was really polite, apologizing for whacking strangers. We mostly got over it. I learned pretty quickly to pick on people my own size - nice little Asian girls or small, relatively calm white girls. Some people where way to big for me, and the overhand hits on the head can be kinda harsh. Go for the body blows instead. And watch out for the guys with martial arts training and the super angry chicks and the little kids. At one point someone called out, "He's a lawyer! Everybody get the lawyer." So we did. A lot. Poor guy. Feathers flew. Don't breathe the feathers. Feathers up the nose, in the eyes. There was a lady in a nice business suit dress with pearls. At first she looked too small and frail for even me to pick on, but then she whacked me, so I whacked her and told her she was the best dressed here. She said, "Yeah, so?" I said, "Makes you a good target." We exchanged blows and laughed. I bumped into Dougie and met his new girlfriend. That was cool. I didn't see anyone else I knew. I complemented another girl on her cute coat and we exchanged blows. It was kind of like that. Sort of a "Hmmm, you're interesting. I'm gonna hit you with a pillow now."

There's something magical about hundreds of people coming together with no foundation other than knowing it was fun on a small scale and wanting to try it on a big scale.

On the BART train on the way there, I exchanged smiles with other pillow holders. On the way back, the pillow holders were more friendly. We'd just done this crazy thing together even though we'd never met, we were more open to knowing one another. That's cool. Meanwhile the rest of the BART riders were like, "Hunh? What's with all the pillows?" Feathers were stuck in grate at the bottom of the BART escalator. Feathers were clinging to the seat backs in the BART train. Feathers were everywhere.

I went home and picked up Rick's favorite dinner at the Vegetarian house. I helped him with his math homework. We opened cards and such after a shower. Meanwhile Pixel decided I'd brought him the best toy ever - my (now much used) feather pillow. He spent the evening rolling around on it. I think I could've only made it better by adding some catnip to the feather stuffing.


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