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Monday, February 12, 2007

Poor Tommy

We took him back. All week, the fighting continued. Little tufts of fur dot our hallways as testament to claws landed on one another. It wasn't one-sided. Pixel started it about a third of the time. Saturday morning, Tommy kicked Pixel off our bed because he wanted us to himself. That was the final straw. No matter how many times I told him "In this house, we share!" he just wasn't getting it. It's too bad though. He is such an amazing little sweetie boy. He plays like a maniac, playing fetch with his koala bear or a crinkle ball for up to an hour as you toss it from the sofa. Then when he's exhausted, he falls asleep at your feet. He also purrs at almost anything. He's just a happy guy. He had no problem with having a dozen strangers in his house dancing so long as they played with him a bit, entertaining them with his high flying antics.

We took him back and he panicked, his mouth open and panting as we got out of the car. He knew he was going back to jail. It broke my heart.

But Pixel thanked us with repeated snuggle attacks over the weekend. I'm glad he's happy. I'm going to visit Tommy in kitty jail on Tuesday. Hopefully he'll soon find a new forever home where he can be top cat.


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