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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Raiding Grandma's Closet

When my grandparents came down to bring me firewood, my mom and grandma started talking about the fun things lurking in her closet. My mom was suggesting that money could be had for all the vintage things grandma couldn't wear any more. Possibly true, and possibly worth shipping them off to a consignment store, but more likely well worth itemizing and donating to WEAVE. But first, I wanted to raid grandma's closet. With grandma's birthday fast approaching, and her computer misbehaving, we made a quick pilgrimage Saturday to visit. Before dinner, we dug through grandma's closets. Out came skirts bought in Gibralter in the fifties and sweaters from here and there and a beautiful brown suede jacket. I always think of my grandma as tall and much thinner than I. Turns out, I am now just her size, about four inches shorter. Sweaters and jackets are a nice treat, but coming home with four new-to-me skirts is a boon. Good skirts are so hard to find. Usually a store stocks a dozen different styles of jeans and four or five different skirts, most of which currently have an uneven hemline. I can do with one or two uneven hemlined skirts, but it's been multiple years of nothing but uneven hemlines and I'm done now. So, yesterday I wore grandma's lovely grey pleated skirt with a shirt and sweater I've wanted to wear for a while but haven't had a proper pairing. The skirt has a lovely turn to it, so it was perfect for the English Country Dance practice last night. Must remember to send grandma a follow-up birthday/thank you card.

In other news, the two cats survived the Pryankster practice at my house last night, Tommy only getting stepped on after all the dancers left and when he was trying to chase his Koala bear toy as it zoomed past my feet. The two of them were sufficientlly distracted by the dancers to not fight much, so that's an improvement. We'll see if they make it through this evening without wailing on each other. Small and hopeful improvements give me hope that maybe Tommy can stay. He still needs a better name though. Maybe Stormy or Sparky or Oscar Wilde. We'll see.


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