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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Visiting Kitty Jail

Figuring that with that much late-afternoon rain, the intermediate/advanced class outdoors would be off, I went back to the Humane Society yesterday after work to visit Tommy. I walked into the first room of kitties and didn't see him. As I was walking back out, a familiar little cry caught my attention. There he was, in his tiny little cage. This is not a good place for a little boy who likes to stretch his legs running all over the house like miniature tornado. He cried at me. I cried at him. All of his toys were missing - the crinkle ball, koaly bear, and the Care Bear. I don't know what went wrong there. Eventually things were less busy at the front desk, so I asked Anna if I could snuggle him for a minute. She said sure. So Tommy came out and got scritches at least, even if I couldn't let him run and play. He was already dusty dirty like when we first got him, no more the sleek and shiny boy we'd come to know. He laid placidly in my arms, purring like crazy, soaking up the attention. He was shedding like crazy, which was clearly from stress since he didn't shed much at all at our house. Poor little guy.

So I wasn't much in the mood for dancing after visiting. I went across the street to Home Depot instead where I was treated to amazing customer service. Turns out, they're having a promotion where the customer surveys translate into employee bonuses. It was employee incentives in action. So, I got a piece of replacement water-resistant wall board custom cut from some damaged stock (so that I didn't have to figure out how to get a 4x8 foot piece home in the Prius), and talked over some fun stories with Rick, the building supplies guy, who has lived as a rancher in San Jose all his life. He gave me a good price, and walked me up to the register to make sure the clerk understood what he was doing. Pretty cool.


  • I feel sorry for Tommy. I can't take him because my place is too small and I'm not there enough, but I hope he finds a good home. Did you send him with toys and those toys disappeared ? that would suck.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 3:36 PM  

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