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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blood Ties

In other news of bad television, there's a new series called Blood Ties that got some good early buzz. I said, "But it's on Lifetime. Only bad chick flicks are on Lifetime." But still, I decided to record an episode and see what it was about. Monday night was the perfect time to watch this while fixing dinner. I wanted mindless entertainment and bonding with my sofa, and I got that. Boy oh boy was it mindless.

It's at moments like these that I really miss having a Joss Whedon series on tv. The writing was soooooo bad. The direction was painful. With some attention to detail, these actors could do far better, but they've clearly been coached to do bad acting. Anyway, what could've been a nice replacement for Buffy or Angel was in fact just a tiresome slog through a plot with no wit nor unexpected turns to keep it bright.

So Tivo picked up an old episode of Angel, and I watched that over dinner last night just for comparison's sake. It was full of punchy lines, adorable interplay between Angel and Fred about her flip charts and his drawings, and a super-hot guest star.

As Firefly proved to me so long ago, it's not the subject that makes a show interesting, it's in how it's told. (Because when Firefly first came out, I almost gave it a miss - space and western? Pass.) Vampire stories can be tired and boring or witty and snappy. It's up to the writer, the director, and the cast (in that order) to bring it together. And oh how I miss having a weekly dose of Joss Whedon in my life.

Battlestar Galactica

I think the new BSG jumped the shark when they landed on New Caprica. This season has been crap, and now it's over, ending with four main characters realizing they are Cylons with the help of a Jimi Hendrix song. Hell no. This does not count as inventive fiction. I think I'm done. And for better or worse, they're not showing any new episodes until 2008, so I've got nine months to be very sure about that opinion.

Blue Screen of Death

All throughout the past four weeks, I've been praying to the gods of computing saying please just let this machine hold up long enough to get me through March 27th. It's been throwing ugly memory errors. I would reboot and beg it to play nice for just a little while longer. It would freeze up and I would reboot and plead, "Just get me through OMR, please!" Well, OMR went live Monday night. I sent the email saying OrderIT was available to all of the Department Contacts. The next morning I got up to send the follow-on Movero email and found myself facing a blue screen of death. Hmm. So I rebooted and said, "Just get me through today. You can keel over tomorrow." I made it through yesterday without having to reboot again, and this morning found myself facing the blue screen of death again. That's bad. It said it had an UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_DRIVE. That's real bad. So, I pulled my testing Mac out of the drawer and began using it to transcribe the full message into a HelpSU ticket. Less than an hour later, Kevin walked in and I said, "How you doing?" He said, "Better than you." He has now taken my little computer away, ready to strip it back to it's bones, rip out it's soul, and start over. Probably needs a lot of help - hard drive, memory, maybe motherboard. It's bad.

Now I'm going to be using this Mac for the next week or so while he and Dell get me back up and running. But I have to thank that little beastie for taking me at my word. Here it is March 28th, and it's really not so bad to lose it now. Everything is done. Everything is saved elsewhere. It'll be inconvenient, but not devastating. All I need to work on this week is drafting communication plans for Remedy, SDT, Guest Accounts, and Integrated Email and Calendaring. I can do that anywhere. These are the things that keep me an agnostic rather than a true atheist. For now, I just have to say thank you to whatever kept me up and running through all the chaos of March. I'm so very grateful.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hospital Food

People usually refer to hospital food with the curled lip of disdain, but some of the best food on campus comes from the Stanford Hospital. They offer different hot dishes every day (last week included catfish and collard greens one day and chicken fried steak another), lots of fresh baked goods, a salad bar, and fresh fruit, but the really cool thing is that you can pick and choose from the various stations. So one day last week, I went down and got some steamed broccoli and cole slaw and a soda for lunch. It was yummy and veggie-tastic. On the chicken fried steak day, I succumbed and had the yummy chicken fried steak with steamed veggies. They also have a soda fountain with both Diet Coke and Caffeine Free Diet Coke so I can stay on my lower caffeine consumption habits of 2007. And I knew all of this before, but I'd forgotten somehow and was reminded when I went to take some OrderIT fliers to the pager office. I'm so glad I stopped by at lunch time.


Rainy weather + achy body = No Plough for me. I'm gonna go home and watch Netflix.

This Weekend

This weekend OMR migration happened. We have conference calls at 9, 12, 2 and 5 on Saturday and Sunday. Things were going well at first, with the billing going faster than planned, allowing the back-up to start earlier than planned and the code migration went ahead of schedule. After that, there were some little hitches and glitches, and one really big problem with billing showing the wrong expenditure codes. Billing was re-run on Sunday afternoon and that fixed that problem. This morning started bright and early at 8am with all of us crammed in a too small conference room doing verification testing and edits on the fly. It looks like we'll be ready to go at 4pm. This is very cool.

This weekend my dad came down and we worked on the attic. We bought and installed $750 worth of insulation. The insulation stuff started out simply enough with putting some extra batting in the front of the house, but then it seemed like the back bedroom had no insulation (or very little), so we decided to go R30 and I volunteered to climb back there. I now hate whomever built that bedroom, because it's so much more cramped than the rest of the attic. Sunday, between conference calls, I managed to get all the insulation in, and get a wild collection of bruises from balancing hips and ribs and thighs and knees and elbows on rafters. Today, I hurt. A lot. But it's done, and if there's ever a reason I need to go back in there again, I'd rather put the house up for sale. The other insulation was rigid insulation to go in the rafters in the new attic room/storage space. Rick and my dad cut custom sized strips of foam insulation and wedged it in to place. Hopefully this will all keep the house a much more civilized temperature in the summer. The attic room is starting to look very room-like. We're expecting to finish everything save for sheetrock next weekend, and my dad has asked me to find out about having someone else do sheetrock because it's too darned much work and he's turning 65 next month and he's just too old for it. So I reckon I'll give Charlie a call and see if he's interested. Meanwhile, next weekend we get to install new vents, possibly new windows for the attic room, move the sewer vent pipe, build one final stem wall around the water heater pipe, stuff insulation in the space over the dining room and the laundry room, and finish the trim board around the attic stairs.

This weekend I went to the Glenn Miller Orchestra at the USS Hornet. This totally rocked. The band was fabulous, and the venue can't be beat. Alexandria had decided to go Friday night, so I went to get tickets for her before bed, and found they weren't selling online anymore because they were almost sold out. I called, thinking I had no chance of reaching anyone at 11:30, but a nice lady answered and confirmed that yes, they were pretty much sold out, all 1400 tickets, but that she had 30-40 tickets of wiggle room and sure, she'd add a ticket to my order. This totally made my day. We were on the hanger deck with three dance floors. The evening started with an impromptu Lindy lesson from Sam, Renee, and I for Jeremy, Katie, and Erik. Luckily we had just the right gender balance and experience balance to make things go pretty well. Twenty minutes later, Jeremy was doing a pretty passable swing-out, which is impossibly fast to learn it. At the first break, the San Francisco Jitterbugs did a really great demo set including some 20's Charleston, Lindy, Shag, and a jam circle chock full of aerials. Fun stuff. Makes me want to get back in to doing swing more. A trip up to the flight deck in the third set meant a fabulous view of the bay, and especially the Bay Bridge. After the third set, the place was really clearing out, and so we took the floor and danced our hearts out. It was nice to finally have room. Afterwards, we moved the party to La Pinata on Park and found ourselves seated next to a set of the Jitterbugs. We joked about moving the party across the island. I headed home and to bed to get ready for the adventure in insulation the next day.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


There comes a point when your tailfeathers have been on fire just a little too long and someone else throws one other thing into the mix, and all you can say is "Buh-gok!" in your best chicken voice.

oooh... Voiceovers...

My boss suggested asking Tom at work to do voiceovers for the elearning walkthroughs I was creating. I did, and it he did, and man it makes them so much cooler. He used to be a DJ on the radio and has that deep, sonorous voice thing going.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Glenn Miller Orchestra on the USS Hornet

As of right now, tickets are still available.

Macs Just Work

Okay, so I don't really love Windows. In general, it's a tolerable system that I'm used to dealing with so it works for me. I am not a Mac Person. I get awfully tired of the over the top Mac love that oozes from Mac People.

So then Tracey pointed me at this site with an article entitled "One thing PC users can do that Mac users can't...". It made me giggle.

And then I had to try to take a screen shot using a Mac today. On a PC, it's just Print Screen. One button. Or, if you want to get all fancy and just take a screen shot of the active window, you could go two keys on it: Alt+Print Screen. To get the Mac to do this, I had to look it up on the web. And there was a pretty insulting answer that included terms like Windoze and PeeCee and such that said to take the whole screen, do Command (which is the name of the Open Apple key I guess) + Shift + 3. To take a regional shot, it's Command+Shift+4. Okay, good, no problem. Oh, and there's an update that says if you want the active window, do Command+Shift+4, then hit the space bar. Um... okay. So then I tried that and tried pasting it into a document. No dice. Hmm. So then I go back to the article. There's another addendum. If you want it to be on your clipboard, then you have to press Command+Shift+4+Control (four keys!) all at the same time (and don't forget to then press the space bar to take the active window!). Otherwise, it saves it as a file. Hunh? Saves it where? Named what? It didn't even ask.

Could someone explain to me why this method is easier? Or am I just failing to think different?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Computers Make Me Weep

If it's broken, it needs to stay broken until we figure out WHY it is broken. That's the rules dammit. No fair being broken for four days, then when the expert comes in to my office to troubleshoot, suddenly working like normal. Gah!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007


It's been mighty summery here at Stanford. There's no chill in the air even at midnight. A quick check of to see if this is normal, and lo and behold, we beat the record high (set in '97) by seven degrees. That's huge! Today, after a day of dancing at Google and at Jammix for St. Patrick's Day (observed), I'm a salty, sweaty mess.

Monday, March 12, 2007


It exists. Must go sleep NOW.

Training Guide - Check

There's a brief glimmering moment that exists when you finally finish a training guide. This one is 72 pages long, all built from scratch. It's been on my to-do list since November. And there's this magical moment when it is done, and a warm stack of copies is sitting next to you. It's a beautiful thing, and it warms your heart - right up until the inevitable moment when you find the first typo.

No Plought Tonight for Me

The spring DST change always hits me hard. In general, Sunday nights are the hardest for me to fall asleep. The combination of DST, plus working til I started getting tired-ish at 1am, plus it being Sunday before a really big, important, busy week meant that I was up reading until at least 3:17am - the last time I looked up at the clock and groaned that it was less than four hours til the alarm went off. So, I'm kinda tired today, and there's set dancing this week at the Plough which means less time for fun dances I know, and I'm teaching my first OrderIT classes tomorrow so I'll probably be working late making copies and such after last minute edits. My grand goal for the evening involves leaving work in time to make it to Trader Joe's before they close at 9.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

First Sunburn of the Season

Well it was an utterly gorgeous day outside, and Rick was professing extreme cabin fever. Around four we went to the local nursery for some advice on what to replant our front flower beds with. Since it's a full sun area, the plants we wanted were in the full sun section. We were probably there for thirty minutes or so, but sure enough, I'm a little bit pink. We ended up not finding quite what we wanted there, but I was thrilled to find out that I could special order a Page Mandarin from them. So, off to OSH and finally Target to pick up the desired plants. At Target we found the most gorgeous hybrid Calla Lilies. They went under my office nook window. Hopefully they do as well as the white ones in the back yard. Twenty minutes of plopping plants in the ground and we were done.

Our next door neighbor was picking oranges out of the neighbor's yard a couple of weeks ago. I'd mentioned to Rick that I wanted to hire someone for the heavy labor of pulling out the dead things and weeds in our front flower beds, and then it occurred to me to ask Adella if she knew anyone that would want the work. What I'd forgotten until that moment was that before her diabetes progressed to the point that she can't really work anymore, she used to do landscape maintenance for the city. She jumped at the chance to get her hands in our dirt, as long as we didn't mind "if it took a few days." Ha. It was picked bare so quickly we hadn't formulated a plan for what to put in, but waiting for long at all would mean that plenty of other things would volunteer in the face of our inattention. So, Calla Lillies and Lamb's Ears and Verbena are now gracing our front flower beds. We may put some Hebe along the side by the fence.

Add to that loads of work on the e-learning site today and I'm feeling mighty productive.

Spring/Easter/Resurrection Sunday

You know, there are times when you just can't win. I've heard my mom tell the story of when she decided that Southern Baptism just wasn't for her. She was in a congregation with a chandelier rattling pastor who spent Easter Sunday talking screaming about how Easter was a pagan holiday and how this was Resurrection Sunday.

And yet, some persecuted Christians and Fox news are flipping out over Easter events being called Spring Egg Hunts rather than Easter Egg Hunts. Le sigh. It requires a special breed of ignorance to fail to notice that there aren't any bunnies nor egg hunts in the death and resurrection story of Jesus in the New Testament. So how come we celebrate it that way? Well, Easter is named for the goddess Eostre/Ostara. Eggs are a symbol of rebirth and bunnies are a symbol of fertility. Here we are, fast approaching the spring equinox in the solar cycle, and what do you know, there's a holiday to celebrate everything returning from the dead. Of course, Christianity is not a solar religion, so Easter is held on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox, unless that Sunday is the full moon, in which case it's on the following Sunday, because it's not a lunar religion either. Riiiiiight...

Whereas I'd kind of expect some fundies to freak out about celebrating the resurrection of their lord and savior with such pagan symbologies, I wouldn't have expected them to flip out over renaming the holiday activities from a pagan name to a neutral, seasonal name. But that would require some greater level of education on the part of the aforementioned fundies that they can get from reading one book and one book alone.

Instead, it's all about we wacky liberals/humanists/pagans trying to ruin our American culture, taking away all that is holy and secularizing the beyond repair. Nevermind that the egg hunt still goes on nor that there will be a man in a giant furry bunny suit at the event. Oh no, just as we're out to destroy Christmas, our next target is Easter Sunday. I'm here to say we pagans enjoy our annual week of egg salad just as much as the rest of you all, so just relax and enjoy your Easter/Resurrection/Spring celebrations. Sheesh.

Almost Like a Day Off

After three days of work and nothing else, I had to pick up my car from Toyota of Stevens Creek after dropping it off Friday night for night owl service. They called to say my car was ready at 9am, and sadly, all attempts to get back to sleep were foiled. So around 10 we headed out into the world. I picked up the car, and then we were trying to figure out food. The cupboards are a bit bare due to too much work, so I suggested fish tacos. We headed to the mall where I know there's a Rubio's and enjoyed that. Afterward, Rick wanted to pop into the Apple store. We walked through Nordstrom to do that, and on the way found that they were doing a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Just for getting measured for a bra, they donate $4. So I fell on that sword, and I'm still a little bit boggled by the results: 32 B/C. Um...

So I've always been an A cup kind of girl. Always. Heck, there was major happy dancing the first time I actually adequately filled an A cup in my mid-twenties. Yet there I was being helped into a 32 C and finding that it fit rather nicely. The woman doing the measuring said that there's a relativity between the band and the cup, where cup increases more as the band increases more, but I don't know. All I know is that if I'm buying 32 C bras, I may have to abandon my membership in the itty bitty tittie club. Or something.

Meanwhile, Rick went to the Apple store and asked about the tablet Apple he'd heard about, and it's apparently a third party doing the modifications, but that Apple has noticed and there may be a tablet in the future.

And then I came home and worked for a couple of hours before running off to dance. I took the Chalypso lesson, it being the cheesiest, whitest dance ever. I have to say I enjoy it. Then there was a whole night of dancing, and then I was very very tired.

So far, all is quiet for DST. So far, all that is lost is one precious hour. Let's hope it stays quiet. For now, it's breakfast, followed by writing up the voice over notes for my tutorials. Work work work...

Friday, March 09, 2007


Finished recording and captioning the last of the e-learning demo/tutorials. I'm going home and I'm sleeping in!

(Still loads to do this weekend, but this was the most torturous part. So glad I'm done.)

Work Weekend

I think I may work the most hours I've ever worked in a week this week. I'm officially on call for DST stuff on Sunday. I worked until 1am on Wednesday on the e-learning walk-throughs for OrderIT, and packed it in early last night at 11:30. I still need to finish the Billing report tutorials (4 left!) this weekend, create the first and last pages for those tutorials, write the voice-over script in the notes for Tom to record next week, check them all for pacing and accuracy, and update the properties to say they were made by IT Services, not by me. Plus, I've got to revise the training guide, finish the infosheet, and finish the classroom slides for my first OrderIT live class on Tuesday.

Right now, I'm going to go eat lunch. Taking reasonable breaks is going to be the key to surviving this insanity.

The really scary part - I still really like my job. (I'll like it even more in April when I'm not buried in OMR and DST stuff.)

Thursday, March 08, 2007


It just shouldn't surprise me anymore, but here I sit, mouth gaping. Newt Gingrich - leader of the family values Neo-Con movement - was having an affair with a congressional aide while he was persecuting Bill Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky affair.

And yet, the man is considering running for president. Can't say the man doesn't have balls.

Daylight Saving Time

Well DST continues to be a thorn in my side. It looks like I'll need to be on call Sunday to manage communication drafts if problems arise. Bummer. I find out for certain tomorrow at the 11am meeting.

Meanwhile, Tivo finally published something about DST. They seemed to have been napping on this one for a while there. Better late than never.

Trojan Horse

Many thanks to Emily who made my morning complete with giggling, snorting, and watery eyes. So do we learn from history? Um...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


When time is against you and there's too much to do, having your computer repeatedly crash while using the program you must use to complete the aforementioned too much work is really disheartening. Three reboots later, I'm calling on the worlds of gods and men to send hope and redemption my way. I must finish this by Monday. There's just no more time for screwing around.


There's this really odd meme going around where you can get a count of those who have had a crush on you, but most people respond anonymously. It's a little weird reading the messages left for others, but after watching it go through everyone else's journal for the last two days, I now find myself curious.

I don't think of myself as the kind of person people get a crush on, but I should know better. History has dubbed me Captain Oblivious on that subject. Oh jeez, thinking about it historically, this may be wildly informative. Lord knows that I've got a 51 page document filed at home that tells me just how completely I don't notice people having a crush on me. Of course, I fancy that I've gotten better about noticing such things over the years. Then again, my non-crushy world-view may play out as accurate. We shall see.

Crush this person!
Get your own CrushTag!

Meanwhile, I'm now curious about the etymology of the term "crush" in reference to feeling feelings about a person. When did this term arise? Is there a source for its popularity? How did we get from the idea of being mashed or pulverized to a romantic notion? What is the metaphorical thread involved?

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Filed my taxes finally. I really love TurboTax online edition. I've been using it for years now and I just love that I can do my taxes in little 20-30 minute increments and it just always knows where I left off. Ah well, one more thing finished. Now if I can just manage to finish the remaining 12 e-learning interactions before Monday, all will be well. Unfortunately, those don't work in easy 20-30 minutes chunks I can squeeze between meetings. Oh well.

Sock Dreams Totally Rocks

Can I just say again how very cool Sock Dreams is? I wrote a thank you note for sending my stuff Priority and letting them know it arrived in time, and asking if I could send the extra shipping fee via Paypal, and they wrote back, "Well I’m glad that everything worked out so well. Don’t worry about that $4.00. We offer free priority shipping for all orders of $40.00 and over. Your order was so close, it isn’t worth the trouble charging you a silly little fee. I hope the party and your outfit were a smash!"

The outfit and the party were indeed a smash. See photographic evidence courtesy of Dave:

Monday, March 05, 2007

Beautiful Day

It's an absolutely gorgeous day out there today. It was warm when I left the house, and after already getting one big major task done this morning, I treated myself to a real lunch, sitting outside at Beckman Bistro with my back to the sunshine, eating and reading my book, dozing momentarily, and reading a few more pages before heading back to the rest of today's tasks. It's such a joy to be in my new office with a big window to my right ensuring that my peripheral vision is always full of trees and blue sky.

And then the Exec. Director in charge of the Daylight Saving Time madness just walked by and offered me my choice of gift cards - Starbucks, Jamba, or AMEX - as a thank you for pitching in on the DST madness. It's funny how the little acknowledgments make a good day even better.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Ooh! Almost forgot! I got to try a new drink last night which I liked: a Sidecar. I read about it somewhere a couple weeks ago and wanted to try it, and Eddie's parties are always obliging for such things. First Eddie poured me a lovely cognac while Erik mixed the Sidecar. The cognac was lovely. The Sidecar was tasty. I think the Sidecar became the hit drink of the night. Tasty and elegant.

Further Adventures in Shopping

This afternoon, I needed a break away from the computer, so Rick and I headed to Target for a soda and a little browsing. I decided to brave the lingerie department. I need new bras since my old ones are old and well, a bit too big nowadays. I've been intermittently shopping for bras all over the place for the past few months with very little luck. I'm not a big busted girl. I mostly fill an A cup usually. Current bra fashion seems to involve either large amounts of padding or pre-fab cups that may or may not fit the shape and size of my fronts. I've tried on a number of the formed cups, then test them out by poking them to see if there's an air gap between me and the fabric or (worse) that it actually dents in. As for the padding, really, I'm comfortable as I am and just want what I have to be shaped and held rather than made greater thankyouverymuch. I used to buy the Wonderbra 8161 in bulk. Greatest bra ever - it did exactly what it was supposed to with nice soft cups and no excess foam or gel padding. But that was discontinued about five years ago, much to my great dismay. After loads of shopping at Macy's and the Maidenform shop and several other specialty shops, I'd found one tolerable bra, which is great until laundry time and then it's back to the old, much loved, but ultimately worn out and oversized Wonderbra 8161.

So anyway, back to Target. I tried on six bras to find two that thought I should wear a B, two that fit horribly, and two that fit beautifully. One of those two is the prettiest one I've seen for the small-of-chest in quite a while. I mean really, being decorative is at least 50% of the job in my case.

So, I guess it's my weekend for fashion goodness. Last night's ensemble came together beautifully with matching shoes, ivory gloves, and a hat that's been in my closet waiting for a night out for probably ten years. That, plus new underthings, and the wool shawl I found at the thrift store on Saturday for $5 (while searching in vain for a bowling shirt for Rick), and I'm a happy and well-dressed young woman.

Sock Dreams rocks!

I went to the sock hop in Davis last night, and had all manner of trouble getting my outfit to come together. I found two dresses on ebay for awfully cheap ($20) each. Ordering both, hoping one would make it in time. One did arrive promptly

from BombShellVintage. I asked the other seller a question because I received two invoices with different totals, and she didn't reply to my first or second message, and finally did for the third message in all caps about why hadn't I just paid and she'd already sent the corrected invoice. Not sure what her drama was, but it basically turned my two week window for the dress to arrive into five days, depending on how soon she sent it after it was paid. It didn't arrive. So, back to the plan B dress, which did arrive. But in all the drama surrounding that dress, I'd forgotten to order a petticoat. I checked Sock Dreams, and they did have them at the best price, plus free shipping. But there were only a few days. The Sock Dreams checkout page had a space "Enter any notes about your order you'd like us to see". I wrote, "There's a tiny part of me hoping this magically arrives in time for a party on Saturday night, but I'll live if it doesn't, and I just can't justify spending an extra $20 on two-day shipping. Thanks for getting it in the mail as early as possible." Well, the Sock Dreams lady went one better. She left a message about possibly sending it Priority (an option I'd dismissed because it usually doesn't arrive faster than first class postage). I didn't get the message until the next day, so I pretty much gave up hope, figuring it probably hadn't made it to the mail that day. Turns out instead that she'd not only shipped it, she also made it priority without the extra charge there should've been. It arrived a day early! And it was perfect.

Well anyway, heaven knows I'll be buying from them again. As for the other ebay seller, well, not so much. I still have little patience for ebay. First you have to wait days for the auction to end, then you have to arrange payment with the seller, and then you get to wait for them to ship, and then you wait for the post office. Oy. Too much trouble. You basically need a month lead time to ensure arrival, and may bump into headaches that kill the whole deal anywhere on the way. Meanwhile, Sock Dreams rocks.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Dance Practice

FYI - the next Merrie Pryanksters English Country Dance practice is at my house on Tuesday. Ping me if you need info.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Multitasking Makes Me Happy

In the middle of the WebEx demo of Sungard Paragon disaster recovery management tool, I remembered to make Bob a copy of the music disc I made for Tracey at Christmas. So I made a copy for him, and a copy for me, and then a disc of Disco MP3s, combining the favorites from my 4 disco discs. All this was while continuing to review the sales pitch from the Sungard guy. I ran out to my car after the meeting to verify that it all worked as planned, and sure enough, not only are the 4 Gaelic Storm tracks rolling into a breakless track, but this dancing queen has disco to go in her CD changer.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hair on fire!

There comes a moment in project life when there's just too much to do, not enough time to do it, and all you can think is "Just keep going. It'll be better when it's over." I've hit that wall. All the DST nonsense set me back pretty far on the OMR project. Now I'm playing catch up and I just can't see getting it done well in time, but I'm pouring all my energy into it nonetheless. And then the Email/Calendaring project reared up and said, "Um, our deadline got pushed up, so we need you to do a ton of stuff right now." Aiiiieeeeeee! This is my fourth late night at work in a row, with plans to work late tomorrow and work Sunday. It feels like I'm so far behind that I wouldn't notice if my hair was on fire. I'm just think, "Hmm... what's that smell?" and keep slogging through the work.

I wish I had a word slave right now. I miss my word slave.