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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Almost Like a Day Off

After three days of work and nothing else, I had to pick up my car from Toyota of Stevens Creek after dropping it off Friday night for night owl service. They called to say my car was ready at 9am, and sadly, all attempts to get back to sleep were foiled. So around 10 we headed out into the world. I picked up the car, and then we were trying to figure out food. The cupboards are a bit bare due to too much work, so I suggested fish tacos. We headed to the mall where I know there's a Rubio's and enjoyed that. Afterward, Rick wanted to pop into the Apple store. We walked through Nordstrom to do that, and on the way found that they were doing a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Just for getting measured for a bra, they donate $4. So I fell on that sword, and I'm still a little bit boggled by the results: 32 B/C. Um...

So I've always been an A cup kind of girl. Always. Heck, there was major happy dancing the first time I actually adequately filled an A cup in my mid-twenties. Yet there I was being helped into a 32 C and finding that it fit rather nicely. The woman doing the measuring said that there's a relativity between the band and the cup, where cup increases more as the band increases more, but I don't know. All I know is that if I'm buying 32 C bras, I may have to abandon my membership in the itty bitty tittie club. Or something.

Meanwhile, Rick went to the Apple store and asked about the tablet Apple he'd heard about, and it's apparently a third party doing the modifications, but that Apple has noticed and there may be a tablet in the future.

And then I came home and worked for a couple of hours before running off to dance. I took the Chalypso lesson, it being the cheesiest, whitest dance ever. I have to say I enjoy it. Then there was a whole night of dancing, and then I was very very tired.

So far, all is quiet for DST. So far, all that is lost is one precious hour. Let's hope it stays quiet. For now, it's breakfast, followed by writing up the voice over notes for my tutorials. Work work work...


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