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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blood Ties

In other news of bad television, there's a new series called Blood Ties that got some good early buzz. I said, "But it's on Lifetime. Only bad chick flicks are on Lifetime." But still, I decided to record an episode and see what it was about. Monday night was the perfect time to watch this while fixing dinner. I wanted mindless entertainment and bonding with my sofa, and I got that. Boy oh boy was it mindless.

It's at moments like these that I really miss having a Joss Whedon series on tv. The writing was soooooo bad. The direction was painful. With some attention to detail, these actors could do far better, but they've clearly been coached to do bad acting. Anyway, what could've been a nice replacement for Buffy or Angel was in fact just a tiresome slog through a plot with no wit nor unexpected turns to keep it bright.

So Tivo picked up an old episode of Angel, and I watched that over dinner last night just for comparison's sake. It was full of punchy lines, adorable interplay between Angel and Fred about her flip charts and his drawings, and a super-hot guest star.

As Firefly proved to me so long ago, it's not the subject that makes a show interesting, it's in how it's told. (Because when Firefly first came out, I almost gave it a miss - space and western? Pass.) Vampire stories can be tired and boring or witty and snappy. It's up to the writer, the director, and the cast (in that order) to bring it together. And oh how I miss having a weekly dose of Joss Whedon in my life.


  • I've been watching The Dresden Files on the SciFi Channel (via their website). It's not Whedon, but it's enjoyable in that mindless way you are talking about. It's worth Tivoing once to see.

    By Blogger Chris S, at 11:17 PM  

  • Another great new series, though different sort of genre, is "The Riches" on FX. It's REALLY quite well written and I find the characters compelling.

    By Blogger BlackSheep, at 3:12 PM  

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