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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blue Screen of Death

All throughout the past four weeks, I've been praying to the gods of computing saying please just let this machine hold up long enough to get me through March 27th. It's been throwing ugly memory errors. I would reboot and beg it to play nice for just a little while longer. It would freeze up and I would reboot and plead, "Just get me through OMR, please!" Well, OMR went live Monday night. I sent the email saying OrderIT was available to all of the Department Contacts. The next morning I got up to send the follow-on Movero email and found myself facing a blue screen of death. Hmm. So I rebooted and said, "Just get me through today. You can keel over tomorrow." I made it through yesterday without having to reboot again, and this morning found myself facing the blue screen of death again. That's bad. It said it had an UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_DRIVE. That's real bad. So, I pulled my testing Mac out of the drawer and began using it to transcribe the full message into a HelpSU ticket. Less than an hour later, Kevin walked in and I said, "How you doing?" He said, "Better than you." He has now taken my little computer away, ready to strip it back to it's bones, rip out it's soul, and start over. Probably needs a lot of help - hard drive, memory, maybe motherboard. It's bad.

Now I'm going to be using this Mac for the next week or so while he and Dell get me back up and running. But I have to thank that little beastie for taking me at my word. Here it is March 28th, and it's really not so bad to lose it now. Everything is done. Everything is saved elsewhere. It'll be inconvenient, but not devastating. All I need to work on this week is drafting communication plans for Remedy, SDT, Guest Accounts, and Integrated Email and Calendaring. I can do that anywhere. These are the things that keep me an agnostic rather than a true atheist. For now, I just have to say thank you to whatever kept me up and running through all the chaos of March. I'm so very grateful.


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