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Sunday, March 11, 2007

First Sunburn of the Season

Well it was an utterly gorgeous day outside, and Rick was professing extreme cabin fever. Around four we went to the local nursery for some advice on what to replant our front flower beds with. Since it's a full sun area, the plants we wanted were in the full sun section. We were probably there for thirty minutes or so, but sure enough, I'm a little bit pink. We ended up not finding quite what we wanted there, but I was thrilled to find out that I could special order a Page Mandarin from them. So, off to OSH and finally Target to pick up the desired plants. At Target we found the most gorgeous hybrid Calla Lilies. They went under my office nook window. Hopefully they do as well as the white ones in the back yard. Twenty minutes of plopping plants in the ground and we were done.

Our next door neighbor was picking oranges out of the neighbor's yard a couple of weeks ago. I'd mentioned to Rick that I wanted to hire someone for the heavy labor of pulling out the dead things and weeds in our front flower beds, and then it occurred to me to ask Adella if she knew anyone that would want the work. What I'd forgotten until that moment was that before her diabetes progressed to the point that she can't really work anymore, she used to do landscape maintenance for the city. She jumped at the chance to get her hands in our dirt, as long as we didn't mind "if it took a few days." Ha. It was picked bare so quickly we hadn't formulated a plan for what to put in, but waiting for long at all would mean that plenty of other things would volunteer in the face of our inattention. So, Calla Lillies and Lamb's Ears and Verbena are now gracing our front flower beds. We may put some Hebe along the side by the fence.

Add to that loads of work on the e-learning site today and I'm feeling mighty productive.


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