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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Further Adventures in Shopping

This afternoon, I needed a break away from the computer, so Rick and I headed to Target for a soda and a little browsing. I decided to brave the lingerie department. I need new bras since my old ones are old and well, a bit too big nowadays. I've been intermittently shopping for bras all over the place for the past few months with very little luck. I'm not a big busted girl. I mostly fill an A cup usually. Current bra fashion seems to involve either large amounts of padding or pre-fab cups that may or may not fit the shape and size of my fronts. I've tried on a number of the formed cups, then test them out by poking them to see if there's an air gap between me and the fabric or (worse) that it actually dents in. As for the padding, really, I'm comfortable as I am and just want what I have to be shaped and held rather than made greater thankyouverymuch. I used to buy the Wonderbra 8161 in bulk. Greatest bra ever - it did exactly what it was supposed to with nice soft cups and no excess foam or gel padding. But that was discontinued about five years ago, much to my great dismay. After loads of shopping at Macy's and the Maidenform shop and several other specialty shops, I'd found one tolerable bra, which is great until laundry time and then it's back to the old, much loved, but ultimately worn out and oversized Wonderbra 8161.

So anyway, back to Target. I tried on six bras to find two that thought I should wear a B, two that fit horribly, and two that fit beautifully. One of those two is the prettiest one I've seen for the small-of-chest in quite a while. I mean really, being decorative is at least 50% of the job in my case.

So, I guess it's my weekend for fashion goodness. Last night's ensemble came together beautifully with matching shoes, ivory gloves, and a hat that's been in my closet waiting for a night out for probably ten years. That, plus new underthings, and the wool shawl I found at the thrift store on Saturday for $5 (while searching in vain for a bowling shirt for Rick), and I'm a happy and well-dressed young woman.


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