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Monday, March 26, 2007

Hospital Food

People usually refer to hospital food with the curled lip of disdain, but some of the best food on campus comes from the Stanford Hospital. They offer different hot dishes every day (last week included catfish and collard greens one day and chicken fried steak another), lots of fresh baked goods, a salad bar, and fresh fruit, but the really cool thing is that you can pick and choose from the various stations. So one day last week, I went down and got some steamed broccoli and cole slaw and a soda for lunch. It was yummy and veggie-tastic. On the chicken fried steak day, I succumbed and had the yummy chicken fried steak with steamed veggies. They also have a soda fountain with both Diet Coke and Caffeine Free Diet Coke so I can stay on my lower caffeine consumption habits of 2007. And I knew all of this before, but I'd forgotten somehow and was reminded when I went to take some OrderIT fliers to the pager office. I'm so glad I stopped by at lunch time.


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