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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sock Dreams rocks!

I went to the sock hop in Davis last night, and had all manner of trouble getting my outfit to come together. I found two dresses on ebay for awfully cheap ($20) each. Ordering both, hoping one would make it in time. One did arrive promptly

from BombShellVintage. I asked the other seller a question because I received two invoices with different totals, and she didn't reply to my first or second message, and finally did for the third message in all caps about why hadn't I just paid and she'd already sent the corrected invoice. Not sure what her drama was, but it basically turned my two week window for the dress to arrive into five days, depending on how soon she sent it after it was paid. It didn't arrive. So, back to the plan B dress, which did arrive. But in all the drama surrounding that dress, I'd forgotten to order a petticoat. I checked Sock Dreams, and they did have them at the best price, plus free shipping. But there were only a few days. The Sock Dreams checkout page had a space "Enter any notes about your order you'd like us to see". I wrote, "There's a tiny part of me hoping this magically arrives in time for a party on Saturday night, but I'll live if it doesn't, and I just can't justify spending an extra $20 on two-day shipping. Thanks for getting it in the mail as early as possible." Well, the Sock Dreams lady went one better. She left a message about possibly sending it Priority (an option I'd dismissed because it usually doesn't arrive faster than first class postage). I didn't get the message until the next day, so I pretty much gave up hope, figuring it probably hadn't made it to the mail that day. Turns out instead that she'd not only shipped it, she also made it priority without the extra charge there should've been. It arrived a day early! And it was perfect.

Well anyway, heaven knows I'll be buying from them again. As for the other ebay seller, well, not so much. I still have little patience for ebay. First you have to wait days for the auction to end, then you have to arrange payment with the seller, and then you get to wait for them to ship, and then you wait for the post office. Oy. Too much trouble. You basically need a month lead time to ensure arrival, and may bump into headaches that kill the whole deal anywhere on the way. Meanwhile, Sock Dreams rocks.


  • Ebay does take time, I tend to shop at Half, or a used book site,or Powells or someplace like that, for that reason, though I have found that using Paypal, makes the paying part faster

    By Blogger Chris S, at 10:43 AM  

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