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Monday, March 26, 2007

This Weekend

This weekend OMR migration happened. We have conference calls at 9, 12, 2 and 5 on Saturday and Sunday. Things were going well at first, with the billing going faster than planned, allowing the back-up to start earlier than planned and the code migration went ahead of schedule. After that, there were some little hitches and glitches, and one really big problem with billing showing the wrong expenditure codes. Billing was re-run on Sunday afternoon and that fixed that problem. This morning started bright and early at 8am with all of us crammed in a too small conference room doing verification testing and edits on the fly. It looks like we'll be ready to go at 4pm. This is very cool.

This weekend my dad came down and we worked on the attic. We bought and installed $750 worth of insulation. The insulation stuff started out simply enough with putting some extra batting in the front of the house, but then it seemed like the back bedroom had no insulation (or very little), so we decided to go R30 and I volunteered to climb back there. I now hate whomever built that bedroom, because it's so much more cramped than the rest of the attic. Sunday, between conference calls, I managed to get all the insulation in, and get a wild collection of bruises from balancing hips and ribs and thighs and knees and elbows on rafters. Today, I hurt. A lot. But it's done, and if there's ever a reason I need to go back in there again, I'd rather put the house up for sale. The other insulation was rigid insulation to go in the rafters in the new attic room/storage space. Rick and my dad cut custom sized strips of foam insulation and wedged it in to place. Hopefully this will all keep the house a much more civilized temperature in the summer. The attic room is starting to look very room-like. We're expecting to finish everything save for sheetrock next weekend, and my dad has asked me to find out about having someone else do sheetrock because it's too darned much work and he's turning 65 next month and he's just too old for it. So I reckon I'll give Charlie a call and see if he's interested. Meanwhile, next weekend we get to install new vents, possibly new windows for the attic room, move the sewer vent pipe, build one final stem wall around the water heater pipe, stuff insulation in the space over the dining room and the laundry room, and finish the trim board around the attic stairs.

This weekend I went to the Glenn Miller Orchestra at the USS Hornet. This totally rocked. The band was fabulous, and the venue can't be beat. Alexandria had decided to go Friday night, so I went to get tickets for her before bed, and found they weren't selling online anymore because they were almost sold out. I called, thinking I had no chance of reaching anyone at 11:30, but a nice lady answered and confirmed that yes, they were pretty much sold out, all 1400 tickets, but that she had 30-40 tickets of wiggle room and sure, she'd add a ticket to my order. This totally made my day. We were on the hanger deck with three dance floors. The evening started with an impromptu Lindy lesson from Sam, Renee, and I for Jeremy, Katie, and Erik. Luckily we had just the right gender balance and experience balance to make things go pretty well. Twenty minutes later, Jeremy was doing a pretty passable swing-out, which is impossibly fast to learn it. At the first break, the San Francisco Jitterbugs did a really great demo set including some 20's Charleston, Lindy, Shag, and a jam circle chock full of aerials. Fun stuff. Makes me want to get back in to doing swing more. A trip up to the flight deck in the third set meant a fabulous view of the bay, and especially the Bay Bridge. After the third set, the place was really clearing out, and so we took the floor and danced our hearts out. It was nice to finally have room. Afterwards, we moved the party to La Pinata on Park and found ourselves seated next to a set of the Jitterbugs. We joked about moving the party across the island. I headed home and to bed to get ready for the adventure in insulation the next day.


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