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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Figments

On the flipside, Sam Weiler pinged me yesterday asking if I was free for lunch today because The Figments - a English/Irish/Gypsy/etc. band that is in town to play some Contra and ECD dances - are playing in the Stanford Hospital atrium at 12:30. Nothing makes my day a little better than lunch with a friend and spontaneous dancing to live music. In an hour there were four or five waltzes, some lovely swing, a couple of polkas, and one very pretty song not to be danced to. There was another woman dancing on her own, so I asked her to polka and we had a good time. Later we were dancing swing and our styles weren't quite meshing. I asked when she learned swing and she hedged a bit and I said, "Wait, was it in the fifties?" She said, "Yes, American Bandstand style." I did the happy dance. She even knew Chalypso. So, we danced a couple of times before she headed back to check on her brother in ICU.

Anyhoo, good lunch, good company, and good music.


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