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Monday, April 02, 2007

Home Ownership

This weekend was another weekend of home ownership. I installed more insulation (though not in the overly cramped bedroom this time). I scrubbed the tub and the grout using about a quart of Lime-A-Way, then dried it all thoroughly, including running my hair dryer to overheating and shutting down on the corner of the grout where it just wouldn't dry. Then I used grout sealant on most of the grout and silicone sealant on the parts where the tub meets the tile where the grout was clearly failing. After all of this, I still have a big hole in the bathroom wall waiting to be patched.

Meanwhile, my dad finished building the stem wall around the water heater vent, rerouted the sewer vent, and installed new vents in the sides of the house. Rick finished the insulation on the side walls and fitting the rigid insulation in the attic ceiling.

Still on the to-do list: install the driveway security light, move the wire running through the attic room to outside of the stem wall, replace the attic lights, and then hire someone to do sheetrock. Then it will be a room. If Flonk and Jan come live with us, they'll have their pick of having their bed on the ground floor, or up the stairs and having their own living room space in the current bedroom. If they find work in Sac instead, then I'll have a sewing room and we'll move everything we intend to keep out of the garage, knock down the garage and rebuild it, this time with a foundation.

Meanwhile, I'm still wondering how I ended up with a house instead of a townhouse or a condo. I'm just not that into house project stuff to really own a house. Oh well. Next time.


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