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Monday, April 09, 2007

Much Needed Weekend

After two weekends of home improvement projects, I desperately needed a real weekend, and that's just what I got. It started a little early with a Janelle arriving from eastern Washington for a job interview at Stanford on Friday. I think she's got a solid chance at getting this job, and we'd have a Flonk and Jan living with us for the forseeable future. I'm all for this. I'm so ready to abdicate my kitchen to her.

However, I am a horrible person. Josh was to stay at my house before flying out from San Jose early Saturday morning. It was a simple thing. All I needed to do was to leave a key out for him on Friday night. I got home Friday with Janelle after spending the day with her on campus, walking her around entirely too much. I went out the front door and noticed that a party was starting across the street and that several folks were standing in the driveway. It occurred to me that tossing a key under the mat might be a tad obvious, so I went back inside with the mail that was in the entryway, thinking I needed to work out a better plan for the key, and then call Josh, and then I got distracted. I never did work out the better plan. Josh drove down, and couldn't find the key (because it didn't exist!) and we weren't home. When we got back from our dinner and a movie expedition, I thought, "That's odd. I'm surprised Josh isn't here yet." It dawned on me about 20 minutes later. I checked my phone and sure enough there's a voicemail about an hour ago. Arrrgghhh! I called him back, but went straight to voicemail. I agonized for a bit over what to do, then just took my phone to bed with me, tried calling again an hour later, and finally giving up. But I couldn't sleep. Finally Josh called when he arrived at the airport, having driven home and driven back again in the morning. Arrrgghhh! But he got safely on his way to New York and swears it's no big deal. It'll be a bit longer before I forgive myself. I really do need to work out a long term solution for a guest key at home. This has been a problem before and really shouldn't have to be. Working out a compromise with Rick's paranoia and my desire for a welcoming household is always a tricky business though.

We took Janelle to Hobee's for breakfast, which has the fabulous benefit of being a place where there are multiple things she can eat straight from the menu. After that, we took her on a tour through Trader Joe's. I'm pretty sure I'd starve (or at least eat far less well) if there were no Trader Joe's near me, and Janelle has been living that nightmare for a year and a half. She picked out what would fit in her bag and smuggled a little of this and that back to the wilds of West Richland. I took her to the airport with fond promises that it was just temporary and she'd be back in a month or so, working at Stanford, and it'll all work out.

Next stop was the Pryankster's dance party where I finally got to learn the 29th of May. It was as much fun as it looks. I also learned a new dance Bob brought which led to much grimacing because everywhere it would ordinarily be a set and turn, this was a set and honor. My partner and I kept cracking each other up as we planted our feet and bowed, fighting the whole time to avoid turning. There's at least a half dozen of these instances throughout the dance. Someday I'll be able to do it with a smile on my face.

After that, I headed out to Cy's birthday party: CyCon. The night was full of Guitar Hero 2 and a six layer chocolate cake and Cy got a Wii so we spent a lot of time making Miis for the Wii. We started making Miis by committee with the person sitting in the modeling hot seat and everyone on the sofa deciding what eyes they have, what eyebrows, how high the eyebrows should go, which hair is just right. Oddly enough, some of these committee miis looked amazingly accurate. You can instantly recognize Rick's mii as him. Tox's mii too. At the end of the evening we started playing Wii Sports. I'm far better at Wii tennis than I've ever been at real tennis. Rick and I played Wii boxing, and I knocked him out repeatedly. He was thinking maybe his controller wasn't working right, so we traded sides. I still beat him up. My flailing is apparently just right for Wii boxing.

Sunday was back to Sunnyvale for Second Sunday. Once again the party got fully sucked in to Guitar Hero 2. I remembered that I don't much care for that game because I don't blink when I'm playing it and then at the end of the song, I blink and my eyes start watering like crazy for the next ten minutes. So, I spent a good chunk of the afternoon curled up with Alex on the end of the sofa, chatting about this and that. Then the puppies arrived. First there was the 10 week old Husky puppy who was shy and timid. Then there was Jill's puppy, a lab/shepherd mutt that wanted to play with the other puppy so badly. They were crazy cute.

Finally, Paul and I tore ourselves away to head to Anne's dance practice for the wedding. She wrote a new dance that's the same length as four-hand reel. It's still a little rough around the edges, so we spent most of the time working out the first figure. It was fun though. And one element reminded me of a figure in the Eight Hand Jig, but it's been so long since I've done the Eight Hand Jig that I could remember what dance it was, so then I had to look it up. I was thinking it would help us work out the issues with the figure if we could see a way it's been accomplished before, but that didn't happen, but now I'm hoping I can talk Patrick into doing it tonight. I like it better than the Glenbeigh jig and we've done that one several times in recent history.

Anyway, finally home again to watch Over the Hedge and send it back to Netflix. It was cute. Hammy the Squirrel was totally adorable. Still, I direct you all to go see Meet the Robinsons. We took Janelle to see it on Friday, and she liked it too.


  • It's not the ideal solution, but you can give your guests my phone number as a back-up in case they can't find wherever you decide to leave the key.

    By Blogger tshuma, at 1:31 PM  

  • Working out a compromise with Rick's paranoia and my desire for a welcoming household is always a tricky business though.

    Leave the key in a concealed box with a combination lock? Or leave the box with a (somewhat) trusted local….

    By Blogger Michael, at 3:23 AM  

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