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Monday, April 16, 2007


We had Hawaiian Bowling last Thursday. I got dressed up in a Hawaiian shirt, fake grass skirt, and a lei and gave out awards for best shirt and high and low bowling scores. The best part was when I saw two of the Windows Systems Group guys playing air hockey. From the moment I saw the table, I'd been itching for a good game. So I asked to play winner. Greg asked, "So have you played before?" Heh heh heh. I then proceeded to whomp him. He was really surprised. So then I took on Stacy, and really did him in: 7-1. Y'ouch! I talked to their boss Sean the next day and he said that he was going to have to add that to their training plans for the year.

Friday night I ended up spending with Malaya sort of unexpectedly. Rick, Fred, and Jeremy went to see Grindhouse, and I don't really do Quentin Tarentino movies (not since Marvin got his brains blown out in Pulp Fiction). Anyway, driving home after dinner with the boys, I remembered that Monica was having an gallery opening at Works San Jose. So we stopped in and joined in the fun. I played with acrylic paints for the first time ever. They're neat. I made a heart on fire because I thought making flames would be fun. All of the works created during the show will later be sold on eBay as whole bodies (four pieces of art from different artists - head, torso, legs, and feet). It's pretty cool. Then we came home and watched Clue. Still makes me laugh every time. Malaya had never seen it before.

Saturday I went to the Gunne Sax outlet with Auntie and we each came home with a slinky black dress. They were having a 50% off sale, so that's fifty percent off the outlet price, which meant I got this amazingly slinky/hot black dress for $30. Woot. We shall see if it comes to Gaskells on Saturday.

Sunday morning began with a trip to Babies R Us. Yikes that place is scary. Luckily, we printed out Ali & Mark's registry, read over it, and loved the first thing we went to find on the list. Then we found a little outfit to go with it. Now Baby Novak has his very first fanboy outfit.

Sunday afternoon was Christyn's clothing swap where I learned that her friend Dita has the super-power of buying pants that fit me. She was at the last clothing swap and was the source for my current favorite pair of jeans. This time I came home with three more pairs of pants. I now own more pants than I've ever owned ever, and they fit. This is so very weird.

I also learned more of Anne's wedding ceili dance. She tried to convince a bunch of Irish dancers to raise their arms in a very Scottish way. Didn't work. We were having none of it. I had to stop and fix my armpits after the first time we tried that. Reason number 427 why Irish dancers keep their arms down: it's sweaty dancing so let's be as polite as possible about that, eh?

Sunday night I got brave and drove up to the Browncoats gathering to see Drive. It was hosted by the guy who won the juggling geese at the Browncoat Ball. He's got a fabulous penthouse condo and a wicked cool black kitten named Crash. Why is he called Crash? Well, Crash is always in motion, and not especially graceful. Having 20 people in the tv room was great for him because he could just keep walking through, get petted, then go run around the house for a few minutes, then walk through the forest of hands put there for his kitty scratching needs.


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