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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stupid Testing

After four days and five testings sessions, we've just found a bunch of errors in the scripts.

The first is most annoying. We believed all along that you couldn't do resource scheduling, Mark says, "Why can't I just pick a room from this list." At which point, the team goggled and said, "How'd you get there?!" So funny thing - if you create an event and double click on it to add people, you just get a normal "Where" field. If you click and then click "Edit Event Details" you get a link to "Check guest and resource availabity". So, five testing sessions, fifty people testing, and the primary complaint has been, "It's okay, but I can't do what I need it to do like help me find a room." and it turns out it's there, but only if you follow one of the navigation methods and not another. Gah!

The second was on the Outlook script where I'd made the script for Windows, testing carefully, then cut it down for the Mac/Light version. Turns out, Brad edited the OWA script for Mac using the one copy, then went back later and reupdated it to reinclude all the Windows stuff, only he missed some things you can do like add a Category to an email or event. I didn't go through and verify his script because there was less than one hour between when the Mac testing finished and the Windows testing started. Bummer. Too many cooks stirring the pot.

Net result, a bunch of the testing is less valuable. All of these were pointed out by the same guy, and no one else noticed it in five sessions. I am again utterly annoyed that this whole thing was handed off to a project manager who went on vacation for the week 2-3 weeks before the testing when all of these issues should've been being managed, when we should've been validating the test scripts, and when all I thought I needed to do was recruit participants. Now I don't even feel like all that effort generated a fair comparison.


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