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Friday, April 20, 2007

Week on Fire

Usually I see weeks of insane work coming several miles away. This one completely blindsided me. I'm working on an integrated email and calendar project and somehow went from my sole task being recruiting attendees to being responsible for the test scripts, which was a vastly different role. Sure, something I could do, but just a bit more time consuming. Things got a little crazy at the end of last week, and the draft storyboard for the script was available on Monday for testing that happened starting yesterday. This is a bit closer than I ever like to shave it. Testing the script against the functionality of the tools revealed vastly different vocabulary between the tools, necessitating three scripts that had to stay tied together. Then some products couldn't do one or more actions described in the script, so I decided rather than delete that, we'd just strikethrough so that we wouldn't lead testers down a rabbit hole but so that the cue that the tool couldn't do that wasn't lost. Anyway, lots of stuff happened, and it culminated with four people sitting in my office, working on script and survey and test data and verification, and finally finishing 16 minutes before the first testing session started. And it went well.

But sorry to anyone who I was supposed to respond to this week. I lost days. After getting home from dinner on Wednesday, I worked another 2 hours, corresponding with colleagues who were also online, and the ones who went to bed at 10 were amazed at how there could possibly be 32 messages from the team between 10pm and 6am. Hopefully I can catch up next week some time.


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