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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Alameda Ceili

Do you ever have those dreams where you throw a party and nobody shows up? While there was a quiet, nervous part of me that had that tiny fear nagging in the back, let's just say that's not how it happened.

We had 40 people, including six (or more) musicians. It was amazing. The intermediate class worked on the 4-Hand Jig (Humours of Bandon) and the advanced group worked on Chutney modifications - telescope/rise & grind and medium and fast hey for four. It was fun. Shauna put together a set list which was a great guideline for the evening. We squeezed in a Trip to the Cottage since that was taught last week and you have to keep doing the Ring Out the Dishrag until it's in your muscle memory or it will continue to be a wrenching experience. We had 15 minutes of polka set. We had Bonfire Reel and Fairy Reel and Harvest Time Jig as dances for everyone and still had time for a long set of 4 hand jigs, a reel-a-thon, polka sets, Trip to the Cottage, and several waltzes.

And we're going to keep doing it, same time, same place, in Alameda from now until August 27th at least. We've got a contract for the room rental.

And it felt good. The wood floors are such a treat. The musicians were amazing (and apparently tireless) and there was just so much room to dance. And there was so much good will. People kept coming up and thanking me and thanking Shauna and saying how nice this was. I just kept being a little stunned. I never ever meant for there to be a coup, but I've no idea who was at the Plough last night because pretty much everyone I knew from the Plough was in Alameda, save for a few who are dearly missed (Cynthia, Bob, Patrick, etc.). Hopefully turnout will continue to be high. This is a lot of fun.


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