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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back Again

I took Friday off since Stanford has a birthday holiday policy. Technically when we moved to Kronos for accruals, it became a floating holiday, but when I arrived at Stanford, it was sold to me as a birthday holiday and I really like that idea, so I'm sticking to it. Net result: a day to catch up, run errands, and get my nails done. It's just a real pleasure having someone else fuss at your fingers and toes and my grandparents sent me a check for my birthday (plus some yummy yummy ginger snaps - thanks Grandma!) and when I unfolded it, it immediately whispered in my ear "Manicure and pedicure". I refused to ignore the words of the talking check.

Friday night I made it to KublaCon about 30 minutes later than I'd hoped and without scissors. Luckily the con staff loaned me a pair and I was able to finish the sheep for the WOW LARP with Jennifer's help.

Saturday was T & Danielle's Dragaera LARP. One of the things that started becoming clear was that the con LARP community is fairly small. I can pretty much count on seeing Chris, Eli, Devon, Justin, Wendy, etc. at every con. This is cool. I apparently made Eli's day by giving him a favor thus achieving his romantic goal in a LARP for the first time ever. After that I got suckered in to playing the Diplomat for Clan Panther in Wayne and Brian's L5R LARP. This was cool. We decided to be a mighty warring clan. So we were being all nice and diplomatic and things were going well. The Lotus were going to help us out with some extra food while we took over the wild lands to their south, protecting them from bandits and opening up some additional trade routes. It was all going adequately well until they had a communications failure and their diplomat failed to relay a message. Then their hatamoto accidentally turned back the food our troops were depending on and refused to admit the error and resend the supplies, and they they pretty much sealed their fate by reneging on a marriage agreement with the daughter of our champion. We had to go kill them a lot and take over their lands. It solved our food production problem at least.

The next morning was trampolines and picnic. About 20 minutes in to trampolines we all felt really old. And tired. But the foam pit was cool. And dodgeball was fun. And bouncing is just always fun. So there were little breaks, and then more bouncing. And then there was picnic, which was lovely. Emily and David asked us to help them work on a modification of Lancers for the PEERS ball. Dancey goodness occurred on the grass. After that, post-bouncy lethargy took its toll and there was napping.

Finally, Sunday evening concluded with the long-deferred trip to Forbidden Island. Paul, Karen, and Crystal arrived first to bump into a bunch of our friends who were just there because they live on the island. They were headed back home for dinner so we just missed them. We arrived and lounging about and sipping big fruity drinks commenced. Aaron and Nicole, Emily, and Alex and Sherman also made it, with David making a cameo appearance at the end. There was singing along to Tom Jones and Johnny Cash, and random dancing to Elvis. Also, Sunday night is the night for discounts on the Scorpion Bowl. After one came out to a table nearby, we had to have the flaming drink. So, flaming volcano of alcohol was shared by many and insanely long straws were endlessly entertaining. Forbidden Island totally rocks. It's fully realized as far as decor goes, and the staff are efficient, patient, and totally cute. Twas a good night, even if Kat flaked. We closed the place at midnight and headed back to Alex's place to crash. The next morning was marked by sleeping in, achey muscles from trampolines, and eventually breakfast at Julie's.

After breakfast we went to see Waitress at AMC Emeryville. It was a sold out house and we ended up sitting in the front row. I'm hoping this means good things for the box office numbers over the weekend. We wandered around the new mall for a bit, popping in to H&M and Old Navy. The boys shopped for swim trunks for Hawaii. Dinner at Rubios and back to Alameda for the ceili. Everyone who was at trampolines on Sunday was feeling achey. There was no interest in an advanced class, so I melted into the sofa, never to be retrieved. I promise to be back to full dance bounce next week. The weekend won and I had nothing left for Monday night.

And home again home again to see our favorite kitten head. He greeted us in his usual fashion, throwing himself down on the blue rug by the door. I obliged him by bending over and letting my hair drape across him. He purred and rolled around and got belly rubs. Such a cutie boy.

This morning, the internet says I did pretty much earn my high school diploma.
You paid attention during 97% of high school!

85-100% You must be an autodidact, because American high schools don't get scores that high! Good show, old chap!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
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The internet says a lot of other things too. I guess not everyone was as busy as me this weekend. I didn't crack open the computer once after Friday morning.

And today, I must announce to the world the future of Personal Billing Numbers and long distance calling at Stanford!


  • Hi, Ammy! This is Eli. I got here through Erik's livejournal account. I hope you don't mind. I was just trying to get as many of the "Con-friends" onto my friend's list as possible. It's kind of a shame that we all only see each other during cons for the most part, so at least this way prior to Con I can get in touch with everyone to know what's happening.

    If you'd like to friend onto my LJ it's

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