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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dance Rebel

I had no desire for a coup nor a revolution, but there I was, dancing on Monday nights with 21 of my friends, definitely not at the Plough. We were treated to live music from Alex and Myra. We danced with enthusiasm on the wood floor, or the marley covered wood floor. We cheerfully paid the $5 cover rather than getting guilted into buying alcohol. And when it came time to try Fairy Reel, the dance that ended it all, we put on Disco Inferno and danced it burn, baby, burn.

Half of us went to La Pinata afterwards and discussed the future. Heidi called Will and got the low down on what happened at the Plough. Apparently the intermediate class was sparse and forming sets for those who know was tricky, but John was quite pleased. I think it may just be time for a split. We talked over dinner about whether we wanted to keep dancing on Mondays, or try some other night, to try to be conciliatory and not a direct affront to the Plough so that people wouldn't have to choose. Everyone had schedule conflicts on other evenings. Everyone had long ago reserved Monday nights for Irish dance. So, now we're looking at whether to continue at Alameda School of Dance or to move to the Oakland Veterans Hall. Neither of these options improve my commute especially, so I'm mostly agnostic. Oakland is easier for some and Alameda is easier for others. Having La Pinata on the same block is really nice though.

So, now I'm an accidental revolutionary.
As they say, "A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!"


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