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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Waking up was hard to do this morning, not because I didn't get enough hours of sleep, but because I was just so very busy in my dreams.

The most vivid and cinematic dream was about how everyone seemed to be behaving oddly. It started with the truly devout, and they were always using the phrase, "Have you heard the good news?" and I was trying to figure it out, but I don't generally get super-religious people so I figured I'd let it go for a while. It was during this part of the dream that I went to a Pryanksters dance practice and Ellen was refusing to teach me the 29th of May, because if I had faith then I would know what the next figure was. And I got really frustrated and I yelled at her, and she wasn't remotely upset. She just said, "I don't think you've heard the good news." And that's when I started freaking out. So I went to investigate, and everyone in the ceremony/ritual/congregation was eating these slices of what looked like and tasted like apple with little black dots. I dug out one of the black dots with my fingernail and it was a little spider, and it bit me. I squeezed out most of the poison, but I started to get it. The spiders were aliens and they were bent on world domination. And the good news was that we wouldn't have to worry about anything ever again because god would take care of it. So I started running away, but all the people from the congregation thought I was with them now and wanted my help to get others to come to hear the good news. So I tried running away, but the people in my house had already been taken over by the spiders, and so I tried to escape in my car and they were suspicious now since I wasn't all calm, so they kept trying to throw pieces of apple at me and the spiders would start crawling out of the apple pieces and attack me. I managed to squish one of them but they weren't very squishable and I didn't want poisonous bug guts all over me, so finally I ended up on foot in suburbia somewhere ducking behind bushes and over fences trying to find some nice secular folks who hadn't heard the good news so that we could mount a resistance.

And yeah, somewhere in there I woke up, and I laid in bed trying to get my head together, totally forgetting about my morning plans, and I spent some part of this morning wondering whether or not I should go to Pryanksters practice tonight since folks were going to be mean to me. It was all very odd. I'm feeling better now. But how come some dreams have to be so simultaneously absurd and yet somehow believable? I need some sleep to recover from my sleeping.


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