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Friday, May 25, 2007

Pirates Didn't Suck!

So dinner and a movie rocked last night. We had 15 for dinner, and 19 for the movie. Ace and his crew of Pirates were there and in full swing. They did a great trick with a basket and a girl and spikes and swords.

And after reading a couple of reviews yesterday, I was genuinely worried about how much the movie would suck. It in fact didn't suck at all. It was chock full of pirate-y goodness. It was a bit uneven at the beginning, but kept rolling along better and better, picking up momentum as it went.

And I gotta say, my friends totally rock. Fred launched an evil plan to get me a bounce house. Yes, a bounce house of my very own. He got a bunch of folks to chip in and well, let's just say there will be a party to try it out soon. Add to that cards and well wishes and presents from others and it was a very good night.

Dinner at Johnny Rockets was good and the waiter's birthday was the 23rd. He took our ever increasing group in stride without complaint. Later, I even ventured in to Boswells for the first time ever. Not sure why I've never made that pilgrimage before. Mostly because it's kind of a dark and smoky bar sort of place, but it's not so bad really, and it's not actually smoky anymore. And Coffee Society was serving Celebes Kolassi so I treated myself to a cup. Yummy. So to recap: yummy onion rings, real live Pirates, good coffee, great company, and a genuinely fun movie. Yep, that's how I like my birthday.


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