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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shanna Swendson

So I solved my big book dilemma last week by just cracking into Damsel Under Stress, and realizing that yes, I'd gobble up the whole thing before the next Estrogen Evening if I just let myself do it. I finished it at lunch, only getting back about 20 minutes late. Now I'm itching for the next one.

Shanna was a girl I happened to sit down near at the first Browncoat Ball in Chicago. Small talk ensued and she said she had a book coming out next spring. She said her publisher was describing it as a little like Harry Potter meets Sex in the City. I thought, "Hmm, that might be worth checking out." Hooked I was, I tell ya. Waiting year by year for the next one to arrive is torture, and this one is definitely a special torture.

Anyway, Shanna is super cool and you should buy her books. That's all I can say. Now I'm going to go back to reading Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife.


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